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How I found love online

When I first heard of online dating, the first thing that came to mind was ‘creepy’. I was always the traditional kind who wanted to bump into my mate at a groccery store, or meet him at a church or library. Those where good places to find a good mate and no one was going to convince me otherwise. It can be frustrating going on date after date only to get your hopes up and your heart shattered yet again.

When I heard friends talk about online dating, I became their voice of reason telling them how unsafe and immature and unatural it was. I constantly bragged about my dates to them so as to change their minds. In the end I realized they were happier than I was because they had fun browsing through millions of potential mates and all of that in the comfort of their living rooms. I began to think differently about online dating when a friend of mine actually dated and later on got engaged to someone she found online. Don’t get me wrong, I still mentioned why I thought online dating was bizzare but this time with a little hesitation.

When my friend finally got married and had a child with her now husband she met through online dating that is when I finally had a wake up call. Here I was living in the twenty-first century, with technology at its peak and still in denial about how we choose our mates today. Truth is we don’t live in the our parents era; things have gotten a whole lot easier and things are moving more and more towards the virtual world. So I ventured into online dating with a goal to find my prince charming.

When I finally got the courage to tell my friends they nicknamed me ‘The recovering online dating phobe’. They all came to my rescue and gave me a well needed makeover for my online dating profile page. I would have never thought that someday I would be looking online for a mate. Online dating is here to stay and many years from now it may be the only way we find a mate but this story wouldn’t end well if I don’t tell you that my current fiancee, Josh, is the one I’ve been looking for all my life and all because I discarded my fear of online dating.

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