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How Much Should You Pay For BOTOX®?

If you’ve done some research on where to get a BOTOX® Toronto treatment, you’ll
know that there are so many different prices out there. Some places may charge
$10 a unit, while another may go as high as $15 or more. Other places may not
even charge by the unit, and instead charge by the treatment of a specific area
instead. There is no standardization because it’s totally up to the clinic, and not the
manufacturer of the product.

So how much should you pay for your BOTOX® treatment?

Well, this question isn’t really one you should be asking. The price of BOTOX®
should be one of your last considerations in choosing where to go because it’s
not an indication of quality at all. You should always research the clinic and the
injector first before you ask about price. This is a medical procedure that involves an
injection, and so in the best interest of your health, you should make your decision
based on quality of treatment, not price. Find out the professional reputation of
the clinic you’re thinking of going to, talk to their injector, and look at their before
and after photos (if possible). Talk to friends and family to find out if they’ve had
experience with the clinic, then make your decision.

Pricing often relies on so many things that have nothing to do with the actual quality
of treatment. Such things include marketing expenses of the practice, the size and
number of employees, the location, as well as the actual facilities. For example, you
can bet that a fancy clinic in an upscale part of Toronto like Yorkville that has many
employees and is well advertised in magazines and television will offer BOTOX®
at a higher price per unit than a smaller clinic out in the suburbs staffed by 3
employees or less, and is relatively unknown.

The main point is that you should never choose a BOTOX® clinic by price alone.
Always make your final decision by examining the quality of a practice.

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