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How To Approach The Best Looking Girl In The Bar And Take Her Home

Me and my friends walk into a bar in your city center on a Friday night and the place is not full yet. its only 8.30pm and there are only two couples and two other guys at the bar. So my two friends and i order drinks and chill out in the corner. By 8.45pm the resident Dj walks in with his Dj kit and starts setting up his equipment. By this time my drink is almost empty but i still toy with it.

At precisely 9.00pm a group of girls walk in, about 5 of them, then another group of girls with a few boys walk in. The bar begins to get lively. I survey the the bar and spot a very beautiful girl with two of her friends standing by the bar. So i stand up and tell my friends that i am going to get a drink. as i approach the bar i fix my gaze upon her and as our eyes meet i smile. She smiles back. That is a good sign. So i walk right up to where she is standing with her friends. Her friends, by the way were not in her league when it comes to the looks department. One was about ten years older than her and the other one was overweight. So as i approach them i say to the overweight one “this place only gets lively after nine pm, its probably because the DJ doesn’t start playing music till then”. As i am speaking i deliberately avoid the beautiful girl’s eyes and place all my attention on her friend. The overweight friend smiles and says “yes that true we always notice that too” I introduce myself and the overweight one introduces her friends. I then make small chit chat and go back to my friends. As i sit down to drink my beer i occasionally glance at the the beautiful girl and she does the same.

At some point my favorite song comes on so i think to myself, “this is my chance” so i stand up and confidently walk up to the beautiful girl and say “its Gemma isn’t it” and she smiles and says yes. i put my hand forward and say “i love this song will you dance with me?” She nods and moves closer and i lead her to the dance floor. Meanwhile her friend doesn’t look too happy and i know none of my friends will be interested, so i just smile and look away. As we dance a take the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her self, nothing too intruding. i find out she is easy to talk to so i try the next step of the plan.

As the music is coming to an end i quickly say to her that i need the toilet and that i will come back to her. so i lead her to her friends and head off to the toilet as i pass the dj i whisper for him to put a slow jam shortly. He nods with a wink. When i emerge from the toilet i see that another guy has taken my place, so i walk right up to her and gently say “excuse me” to him and pull her away towards me and as i do that i signal to the DJ and he puts the slow jam on.

At this point the objective is to hold her by the waist while you dance, if she allows you to do this you are on the right track. As i dance i start moving closer and closer until we are almost lip to lip. But i don’t just kiss her just yet. I just keep getting closer as the music plays until our lips are about an inch apart all the while looking into her eyes. Then finally i go for the kill. I go for a long passionate kiss and all the while press my body against hers. When the music stops i quickly say to her “lets go over to that corner where it is nice and quiet” and i lead her to a quiet corner where we continue kissing and necking till i finally say to her “your place or mine, i have a cold bottle of wine in the freezer” She says “yours” so we quietly slip off unnoticed…

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