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How To Be Consistent Until You Succeed

When we decide to do something, there are many things or activities that will not give you the result you want in just one single action. For example, we can not get good muscle by just doing one session of exercise. We can not be healthy by just eat one meal of valuable and nutritious food. We will not get good relationship by just spending only one full day with a person and stop seeing him for ten years afterwards. We will not get in touch with our spiritual leader in just one pray. We can not be wealthy by saving up one month of income. We can not be intelligent in any area by reading and practice only one time. All these actions will need to be repeated in a regular basis until they create results. Unfortunately, a lot of people stop doing after a few attempts thinking that the process will not work for them since they have tried a couple of time. This is why consistency comes in the way to be the norm of whoever needs success. We need to understand the importance of consistency and harness its principle to our lives.

I know many restaurants which were very successful in their opening. They have many customers who admire what they provide either the quality of foods or their service. However, as time goes by, a number of restaurants take it for grant and start lowering their standard. The customers notice the change and they start to stop coming. Finally, those places are either closed down or sold to somebody else. This is the lack of consistency. It is the same way that a student lacks consistency and need to study hard near the exam time or he will fail. I think all of us know the importance of consistency but still we sometime do not follow through and a lot of time throw off what we intend to do regularly. We always give ourselves reasons, most of them are what we believe good ones, to not doing what we supposed to do. Do not let this happens to you. We need to create ourselves to have the habit of consistency in the activities that we need to do in order to master our lives. I have four steps that will help us on creating this habit.

Step 1 Get uncomfortable or disturbed when you do not follow through

According to the principle of psychology, people do things either to avoid pain or get pleasure. When you feel painful enough, you will make it happens. How are we going to do that? We need to see the picture of ourselves do not achieve the result we want. We need to ask ourselves if it is bearable to us if we fail. What we will feel. We can surround ourselves with the better performers who have higher standard. We will surely get disturbed when we compare ourselves with them.

Step 2 Check your reason. Stop rationalizing

We often give ourselves reasons for not following through. We need to ask ourselves if this is true or it is just our rationalization. Be careful on our judgment when we need to review the reasons we give to ourselves.

Step 3 Break down your goals into a smaller unit

There is an interesting question on how you can at an elephant. The answer is one bite at a time. We can do better with big task divided into small goals. Each easy accomplishment will give you power to continue the task regularly. The reason people give up their consistency is that they could not stand the feeling of boring doing the same thing with small or no result. If you have small goals in your task, you will be able to achieve it on the way and you will not be bored.

Step 4 Always have goals in your mind

Continuously look at your ultimate goals and tell yourself why you need to achieve it. What will you get from succeeding? Who will benefit from that? What will you feel? Visualize as if you have achieved your goals. Regular visualization will stimulate your to follow through. In addition, you can always have some other tools for example photos of your family, your dream car etc, to remind yourself on your goals. This will activate you to your consistent actions.

We can master our destiny by mastering our habit of being consistent on what we are doing. The four steps here will help you on how you can manage to be consistent and be successful.

Jim Somchai
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