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How to Become a Successful Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Are you thinking of switching careers and becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative? Well, you better prepare for some stiff competition. Many fresh college grads are contemplating on entering the same field upon graduation simply because it IS a lucrative career. The good news is, whether you’ve got extensive experience or a newbie in the arena of pharmaceutical sales, your chances of breaking into the profession are pretty decent.

The pharmaceutical sales field is often described as “recession-proof” as it has first-rate salary potential and offers great flexibility, growth opportunities, and excellent benefits like the use of a company car. Increasing life expectancies and improved quality of life count among the factors driving the expansion of the pharmaceutical sector.

Reaching the Top of the Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Ladder

There’s no one profile that pharmaceutical companies adhere to when looking for outstanding sales reps to represent them. But the usual prerequisites for the position include a strong work ethic, demonstrated ability to work within a team, good spoken and written communication skills and a four-year college degree.

Industry insiders say it’s tough to get your foot in the door with a pharmaceutical firm. But once you’re in, the challenge moves on to making yourself stand out performance-wise.

Who has what it takes to make it in the field? Although there’s no one recipe for 100% sales representative success, there are stuff people can do to improve their odds. Here are a few items to remember en route to achieving pharmaceutical sales representative success.

* Pharmaceutical companies favor people who are positive and highly confident. The job isn’t for those who are ‘meek’. The sales rep hiring process entails a lot of grueling interviews and rejections. In a way, it gives aspiring pharmaceutical sales personnel a taste of what the actual sales representative job would be like.
* Drug companies value people skills like diplomacy and tact. Those who manage to land an interview need to be prepared to ask and answer questions regarding the firm’s products.
* The really successful pharmaceutical sales reps are the ones that possess an entrepreneurial spirit. People who think outside the box have good chances of excelling in the pharmaceutical arena.
* Maintain a can-do attitude at all times while keeping your integrity intact.
* Pharmaceutical sales has a lot to do with learning difficult information. Mastering the product info sheets is critical to achieving pharmaceutical sales success.
* Be prepared to concentrate on goals until they are all achieved. Companies love tireless and mentally-tough workers.
* Sales representatives have to be good at following up and deciding on which areas to focus their time and efforts on. A typical sales rep day will involve several calls to the doctors’ offices, pharmacies and hospitals. You’ve got to be psyched-up every single day for all that. Doctors feed off your enthusiasm and excitement. You have to be just as fresh for your 8 p.m. call as you were for your 8 a.m. appointment.

The essence of a good pharmaceutical sales representative is communication. Individuals who communicate well can engage listeners. Good communicators are also exceptional listeners themselves.

Other absolute must-have traits of a great pharmaceuticals sales rep include a knack for presentation and negotiation, empathy, ability to anticipate client needs and influence. While there’s no substitute for good old hard work, the above pointers can help increase a person’s chances of attaining success in the pharmaceutical sales representative field.

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