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How To Build A Hen House When You Have No Experience

Are you trying to learn how to build a hen house, but have no experience doing this big task? You are in the right place then because you are about to learn how you can easily build the chicken coop you need, even with no experience at all.

The first step to creating a hen house is to think about the number of chickens you plan to house. It is smart to have 2 to 3 square feet of space for every chicken inside the hen house.

This will ensure they have plenty of space to live comfortably. A chicken that lives in too small of a space can become aggressive to you or the other chickens, plus it can have a negative impact on their ability to lay eggs.

You also need to consider the number of chickens you will house because it is important to build the correct amount of nesting boxes for them so they have a safe place to sleep and lay their eggs.

The second step is choosing the material you will use to build the hen house. Wood is the obvious building material, but you have to be sure that they type of wood you use is safe for the chickens.

You also have to be sure it is cost effective for you. If you use a hen house guide to create it, then you will be able to find out some of the best types of building material to use for hen houses.

Plus, you are going to find out about the fencing that you need that is attached to the hen house so your chickens can move freely in their housing without feeling threatened by predators.

One other thing you will learn about is the proper ventilation. This is needed to keep your chickens breathing fresh air and to help get rid of odors that will occur in the housing.

Put in a good sized window covered with chicken wire for good ventilation.

The third step is to find out about other aspects that will be in the housing that is just as essential as building it. Taking care of the feeding and water for the chickens is also very important and definitely something you have to consider as you build it.

A good hen house guide will teach you about building it and also provide you with information on every other aspect of protecting and raising chickens.

Now that you have found out how to build a hen house, your next step is to get it started. The sooner you locate a guide and use it to create your chicken coop the sooner you will be able to raise the chickens you want to.

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