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How to Catch Big Fish in a Mountain Stream

Great fisherman know the most basic of casting methods. They can tell you how to thread a line and cast using a variety of terms. And while they each may have their own perfect hand tied fly that lands them Moby Dick every time, they all basically cast the same.

First he must properly thread his rod. Start out by first moving the line over itself so that it will pass through the small holes easily. You dont even have to have a fly with you at this point. You can just thread your road and tie on a chunk of heavy string with a similar weight of your fly.

After threading, practice your cast. Hold the rod in your strong hand, pinch the fly line under your casting hand finger, and then tug a chunk of line off the reel of the rod.

After casting, learn to pick up and then lay down your line. This splashing motion alone will draw your fish as theyll think theyve got a monster bug they can swallow playing in the water. With your extended line in front of you, swiftly lift the rod up at 90 degrees in front of you and stop moving it when it sits just behind your ear. As you lift the rod, follow it with your string, and test the line weight. Then to lay your string down, as the rod sits just behind your ear, quickly move the rod forward to a 45 degree angle in front of you and stop suddenly. Let the loop of string go as you move forward.

Keep on practicing the pick up and laydown and you will soon have your basic casting stroke down. The roll cast works a little differently but it has proven success for many a fly fisherman. This works especially well on those breezy days when the wind catches the fly and line. The wind can wreak havoc on an inexperienced fly fisherman, so attribute some special time to practicing this particular stroke.

To cast shorter or longer casts, a fisher should basically move his line accordingly. He does this with his free hand not on the rod. He can tug away to create a longer line or reel the line up to create a shorter one.

Experienced fly fisherman will run all kinds of casts depending on their water choice, their fish desire, and their experience. Regardless of if youre trying to just learn how to cast or youre attempting to catch the next big fish, everyone should learn how to perform a basic cast. A plethora of fishermen have caught whoppers with the most basic methods, so never feel ashamed to use them. After all, you cant learn until you try.

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