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How To Catch Crappie

Crappie fishing is literally a sport for all ages. Bass and Stripers put up such a fight that a small child or weaker adult may just simply not be able to get the fish in. On the other hand, Crappie are often so gentle that you may have caught them before you even realize it. Because of the behavior of Crappie, no fancy equipment is needed. A simple cane pole, lightweight fishing pole, or even your son’s Snoopy pole will catch a Crappie. If the experience of catching fish is what you crave, the crappie will put up a small, but admirable fight with a lightweight pole. However, just because of the nature of the Crappie, you should not confuse Crappie with fish that easy to catch. Following a few steps is essential if you want to experience catching crappie.

You first have to make sure that Crappie are in the water in which you are planning to fish. This can be easily completed by visiting your local fish and game department, reading any outdoor magazines targeted towards your area, or visiting a local government’s website (they typically have links to game and fish websites)

After finding out that there is indeed Crappie in your area, then you must decide what the current behaviors of the Crappie will be. During the summer and winter, crappie form large schools near places with an ample amount of cover available. When Spring comes, they head towards their spawning grounds, which can typically be found in places that do not have much wind, and still provide an ample amount of cover. The hardest time to find Crappie is during the fall, because Crappie become somewhat unpredictable. They may be in woody cover 8 feet deep one day, and in open 30 foot waters the next day.

You may also want to find out what the Crappie’s diet is when you are researching.

If you are new to fishing, chances are you do not have all the equipment you need. For a beginner, pretty much any type of pole will due, including cane poles. It is all your preference. A variety of bait will allow you to play and experiment until you find what is right for you. Try some live bait (the type of bait fish you found that they eat in your area) and several types of artificial bait. You can visit your local bait shop, outdoors store, or even do your shopping online. Typically these types of stores have trained staff and research material available to aide you in finding what will work best for you.

Another idea you might consider is using a fish finder. A good fish finder will help you find Crappie, no matter where they are hiding.

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