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How To Choose Colored Contact Lenses

For many people who regularly wear contact lenses, a basic clear lens isn’t quite what they are looking for and they decide to try colored contact lenses. Colored contact lenses come in a few different styles: visibility tint, enhancement tint, and color tints.

A visibility tint contact lens won’t actually change your eye color, but it will help you locate your contact lens if you are prone to dropping them. A clear contact lens that’s dropped on the floor can quickly blend in to the surface and be lost forever. Enhancement tints are slightly darker than a visibility tint lens and won’t change your eye color, but they will enhance what you already have. Basically, if you’d like your blue eyes and little bluer or green eyes a little greener, enhancement tints may be the answer. Color tints are the colored contact lenses that actually change the color of your eyes to something different. You can usually choose between colors like green, hazel, blue, gray or amethyst. Once you’ve decided that you want to try colored contact lenses, the next question is how to choose the right ones for you.

Basically, when choosing a pair of colored contact lenses, you have to decide if you want them to really stand out so people will ask you about them, or if you just want to accent your existing color. If you want to be bold and stand out from the crowd, try to contrast the color of the contact lenses with your hair or skin tone. If you have naturally brown eyes, try something radically different like violet or bright blue. Consider the type of make up you normally wear and choose a contact lens color that will help your eyes jump out.

To bring out the natural color of your eyes, an enhancement tint that helps to define the edges of your iris to make the color deeper is likely the best choice. Choose a contact color that will complement the tone of your skin, hair and make-up rather than contrast it. If you want colored contacts for a special occasion, choosing a daily disposable colored contact lens would be a wise choice. This type of contact lens is ideal for a wedding, reunion or other type of occasion where you really want to make an impact.

In most cases, colored contact lenses will work exactly like their clear counterparts, but occasionally you may run into an issue. The color of the lens is designed so it won’t interfere with your vision, but sometimes you may blink move your eye in such a way that the colored part of the contact lens may slide over your pupil to some degree and affect your vision. If this happens only occasionally, it isn’t cause for concern. But, if it happens frequently, you should visit your eye doctor to determine where the issue lies. Like with any contact lens, colored contacts must be kept clean and moist so you don’t develop any eye irritation or infection.

Ultimately, how you select colored contacts depends on your objective. Either way, colored contacts can make your eyes stand out like never before.

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