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How to Choose Your First Fly Rod

Nothing relaxes a person like a calm day on a beautiful lake, searching for something to eat. To add to that picture, the concept of fly fishing has taken the art of fishing to a whole new level. Its about the right kind of fly, the right kind of rod, and the right kind of stroke to bring a fish to its proverbial knees and begging for a taste of that fly. Fly fishing is becoming increasingly popular with the invention of custom made flies and with the need for more outdoor, relaxing activities in peoples lives. But before you don a pair of waders and head up for the open stream, consider the following equipment specifics first.

You must first consider what species of fish you will be casting for. You need specific gear for each fish you aim to catch. After all, you wouldnt use a shot gun to try to shoot moose, so why would you use the same equipment to land different sized fish. Larger fish logically require larger equipment like bigger tackle and stronger rods and line. So if you are looking to land Moby Dick, do not use equipment that would only catch Nemo.

Consider, also, the type of water you will be fishing in. Are you going to be fishing in a wide, calm lake with lazy fish, or a bubbling brook with zipping trout? Will you be searching for your fish in murky water or the clear, cool stream of a mountain? Your location paired with the proper equipment will definitely lead to either a successful or a bomb of a fishing trip. No one wants to walk way with an empty, dry net, so outfit yourself properly with the right equipment for the right location. You might even want to consider the equipment available at the outdoor shops in the location where you will be fishing. They certainly will have the correct bait and tackle for their native fish.

Finally, look at the action of the rod. No two rods flex alike, and so you will need to consider how much flexibility you will need as you cast and how fast you need that cast to occur. Novice fisherman find their most success with medium to medium fast action rods. These allow the user to feel the rod more easily, which leads to a smoother cast overall. Novices need the best equipment possible to help them learn how to cast properly, so consider the medium action rod if you are just starting out.

Everyone wants to come away with a whopper of a fish instead of a whopper of a story about the one that got away. So outfit yourself properly before you step your feet into the water and start tempting fish with a creepy looking fly.

Resources of fly fishing can be found at: www.excitingflyfishing.comand here