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How to Do Barefoot Running

Traditionally; there have been a lot of controversies of barefoot running. If you are a runner who did not encounter any problems or injuries, then this might not designed for you. Barefoot running may be appropriate for you under the condition that you have ever injured on some aspects, such as your pain on anterior tibiae or the wrong running way. However, we must remind you, the benefits of barefoot running may not be apparently appear at once. Nude running does not mean to run without clothes, but mean to run in the way our ancestors did, too off the running shoes.

Under normal circumstances, if we wear running shoes and walk with a cushion, we use only twenty foot muscles and twelve leg muscles. If you just completely run with barefoot, you need to take some time to rebuild your muscle strength. The reason is that this kind of strength is given by your running shoes, which is formed for a long time. You will also find that you may not go for a long distance as usual when traveling. In addition, your shank muscle will be sore after you walk for a short distance. So long as you want to settle this problem, there will be magic code for you, you need to be patient, listen to the sounds of your body and strengthen the training intensity and extend the exercise time step by step.

There is suspicion of naked running, people even think that it is a trick. Compare the weight to our ancestors, it is obvious that modern people are heavier. It is showed by the research that our heels will stand two or three times strength than our body if we run with running shoes. When you make an attempt to run with barefoot, the body weight will be averagely moved the whole sole. Before the year of 1970, shoes are not the same as our modern shoes. So when we date back to only half a century, it will be a common phenomenon if people are with barefoot or run with soft soles running shoes.

In the naked running, do you have any methods that can protect you from injure. People who against running with barefoot mainly think that if we run on the uneven pavement, there will be stabbing wounds or scratches on our foot. In fact, the market has developed many special simulate barefoot-style running shoes. Although runners are not accompanied by professional coaches, this kind of shoes can enables them to understand the benefits of barefoot running. Through naked running and walking, your muscles can be strengthened, but this also can provide the training elements to you. Although the freedom feeling of barefoot is sacrificed, but this sort of shoes can efficaciously protect your feet.

Daniel E. Lieberman, a professor in Human Evolutionary Biology of Harvard University, hold the idea that people will receive distinct impacts if they run with no shoes. If you land on ground with the middle or the front of the foot, the barefoot runners may not have any impacts on the body. Instead, runners’ heels will suffer less impact than people who run with running shoes. At present, most people deem that it is a dangerous thing to run with no running shoes, for you will be hurt. But in fact, you will not hurt yourself even if you run on the most common ground with barefoot. In order to prevent your foot from skin damage, what you need to do is to form some callosity. Moreover, scratches on your feet may be far less than other people who are injured with running shoes.

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