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How to Edit VOB Movies with VOB File Editor

A VOB file is used to store data of MPEG2 format, mainly for DVD disc, including its video, audio, subtitles, menus, buttons, etc. It is a little complicated about the structure of a VOB file. So you absolutely need a handy and intuitive VOB editor ShowBiz to make DVDs and save home movies.
ArcSoft ShowBiz is such a handy program that you don’t need to worry about VOB files’ inner structure. All you need to do is to import a VOB file and edit VOB file like any other media file. Follow the tutorials to edit VOB movie and create excellent disc.

VOB is a one type of DVD Video Object, which is one of the core files that is to be found on DVD-Video discs and includes the actual movie data. One can see specific file names of VOB files that start with Video Title Set and has title and section. For e.g. VTS_01_2.VOB means Title 1, Section 2. VIDEO_TS.VOB is the beginning of the content that includes menus and trailers.

One of the best things about this VOB File Editor is you can easily separate your favorite scene of the DVD movie. Even, you can make files or do some kind of changes to current files. The VOB file can be spilt by the VOB Editor into small clips or connect VOB files into one big file.

Edit VOB Files with VOB Movie Editor

Step 1:

Find VOB files through file trees, in both local and portable devices. ShowBiz can recognize varies of media file format and list all of the formats in “Type” column. Drag the VOB movie clip and drop it on “Storyboard” below.

Step 2: Cut VOB Movies

The long yellow indicating line is play-back timeline. Move the line using mouse curse to make sure which frame is the current one. Above previewing window plays the movie in editing area and will stop at the frame you chose.

Use the camera-like button to capture current frame, and use the option “Split” with right-click on clips to cut movies from current frame.

Step 3: Merge VOB Movies

Firstly, make sure where you want to insert a clip, or where to merge two clips together. Move timeline to the frame, or play the movie till the frame and stop, and split the VOB file from the frame. Then, drag the clip you want to insert or merge and drop it in the split part. Your VOB video will be played in new arrangement.

The VOB file can be spilt by the vob editor into small clips or connect VOB files into one big file. For more information please visit edit vob files website.