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How to Escalate a Woman’s Attraction For You

Copyright (c) 2009 C Tyler

When trying to create attraction with a woman, there are many different approaches that you can take. Some guys will go forward with a full head of steam and hope that this approach will automatically get them to be seen as a alpha male kind of guy. And then there are others that kind of sputter around and try to be friends with a woman for a LONG time and assume that eventually, she will somehow fall in love with them. Of course, this hardly ever pans out, as they get relegated to the friend territory never to return again.

So, what is the best way to create attraction with a woman?

Initially, you will want her to feel some attraction towards you from the start. This is usually not that hard too accomplish. But, where do you go from there?

You want to ESCALATE her attraction, as this seems to be more natural, more in line with the way things really happen.

Here’s how to escalate a woman’s attraction:

1. Start off with the right body language from the start. If you are not used to paying attention to how your body language appears to the opposite sex, then you want to start RIGHT now. See, this is the initial impression that a woman is going to have of you. If your body language says one thing and your words say another, then you are going to come across as false or deceptive.

2. Begin to flirt with her. Now, go easy on this at first. You don’t want to put all your energy and focus into flirting with a woman as this is supposed to have more of a lit and casual feel with the little sparks of attraction in between. This is where the attraction starts to escalate with her.

3. Get closer to her. You want to be able to work up to where she is not just comfortable with you, but also where she is waiting anxiously for you to make your move. Build up the anticipation with her. This is where a lot of guys make a wrong turn with a woman and you do NOT want to make that mistake.

When you can escalate a woman’s attraction for you, you have a much better shot at getting to the point where she wants to be with you. If you fail to accomplish this, you might get in a little flirting with her, but not much more.

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