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How to Exercise American Bulldogs

American bulldogs are lazy and love sleeping. They prefer lying in their beds or on your sofa instead of exercising. However, like any other type of dog, they need exercise regularly to be healthy. Because of the stubborn nature that they are known for, you will have to think about different ways in which you can exercise them. In order to do this, you will have to start exercising them from a very young puppy age to get them used to the regimen.

Moderate Exercise

American bulldogs do require exercise but they only need moderate levels of exercise since they have a body structure that will not be right for strenuous exercise. Their breathing mechanism and head shape are such physical characteristics that they can experience shortness of breath during exercises. For this reason you should avoid running them. It may be hard for them to keep up with the strain. You will also have to consider the weather if you take him out for a walk because they cannot handle a lot of heat. These dogs may get heat strokes or heart attacks if the weather is too hot.

Nutrition and Rest

American bulldogs love sleeping. Sufficient rest and sleeping will help their muscles, joints and bones to develop well. Because of this, it is necessary for you to allow them get enough sleep so they can grow to be healthy and strong. With the right rest and exercise routine it is also necessary to feed your dog right. The right nutrition will help them grow healthy.

These dogs only need moderate exercise but you will also have to remember their needs and physical makeup to be able to give them the right care that American bulldogs need to stay healthy.

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