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How To Find Summer Nanny Jobs

nanny background check

Nanny Poppinz has the most rigorous and thorough background check in the Nanny industry. Having a former Federal agent as Vice-President of Nanny Poppinz, we feel confident that we are doing everything we can to make sure that your Nanny is safe to be in your home protecting both your children and your possessions.

At Nanny Poppinz our background screening process includes the following: a face-to-face interview, a national criminal history check which includes a sexual offender database check, county court records searches (some counties report their data to the state every six months and we do not want to miss anything so we run county searches too), motor vehicle histories (if the position involves driving), and complete 3 year reference checks (their experience MUST be verified). Nanny Poppinz also does an exhaustive internet search to verify the facts in the Nanny application and looks at the social networking websites to verify and establish character.

summer nanny jobs

Another way we customize our service is by sending nanny candidates who can work anywhere from one evening up to a full-time live-in and everything in between like an after school nanny or a PT nanny for two to three days a week. Whatever the family needs, whether it is short-term like a summer nanny, or long-term like a permanent PT or FT nanny, we find nannies in palm beach for our families to interview. Every family has unique childcare needs, and at nanny poppinz palm beach we aim to be the SOLUTION.

nanny search

By understanding your family’s unique situation, nanny poppinz reduces the amount of time you invest in nanny search for child care and ensures your ability to hire a fully qualified nanny that is perfect match for both your family and the nanny.

nanny contract

No limit is placed on the number of hours worked in a 7-day work week, as long as the nanny contract is fulfilled and the employee is fairly compensated. Please note that live-in household employees do not have to be paid overtime but are entitled to regular pay for every hour worked. (Exception: live-in employees in New York state must be paid overtime for hours over 44 in a work week).

overnight nanny

What are the benefits of having overnight care? Lack of sleep deprivation. Often when a person is sleep deprived, they become frustrated and anxious. If a mom is tired, frustrated and anxious it can lead to a decreased rate of breastfeeding successfully, decreased rate of early bonding between mother & baby and an increased risk of postpartum depression. Having an overnight newborn care service will give mom the rest she needs to alleviate these issues. In addition, having mom well-rested makes for a happier family as a whole!

summer nanny

Families hire a nannies for the summer because kids are out of school for the summer and aren’t old enough to be left home alone all day. During the school year it is easier for parents to coordinate activities or after-school care for their child for a few hours, in the summer it is a different story. Kids can go to day camps or classes throughout the day during the summer but if both parents are employed, getting the kids to and from these activities can be a challenge. This is why many parents rely on hiring a summer nanny to take care of these issues.

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