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How To Find The Right Running Shoes For You

Finding the right pair of running shoes can be a potentially difficult process. Everyone has different feet and running styles, so the perfect trainers can be hard to find. Since it is such an individual purchase, you need to have a few different things in mind when shopping.

Foot Type
The size, shape and type of your foot will dictate which trainers at best and which ones are uncomfortable. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be different options when it comes to width and sizing. Also, the arch of your foot needs to be properly supported in the shoes. A person with a high arch will obviously need more support than someone who is flat-footed. If a particular shoe does not have enough support, an additional supportive insole may be needed.

When you run, the way in which your foot strikes the ground has a direct relationship on the type of shoes that will fit the best. Over-pronation is when the outside of your heel will hit the ground first. The foot the rolls inward quite a bit which translates into the ankle and foot not being able to correctly stabilize your body. Supination happens when the outside of your heel hits the ground but there is no inward rolling of the foot during the stride. You end up staying on the outside of your foot for longer which focuses the impact of your run on a small section of each foot. It is important to know the type of pronation that you have so that the shoes can be properly matched to deal with this.

In addition to the foot pronation, your gait, wear pattern and foot strike all factor in to be comfortable in your shoes. For the casual runner, these things may all be quite foreign and difficult to understand. To properly have the right footwear, a gait analysis can be performed. This is done at many reputable running and footwear stores. Depending on the setup, there may be a running track with pressure sensitive pads and cameras that are all employed to analyze your running. There may be an additional cost for the evaluation or it may be included with the price of the purchase.

Type of running
Finally, the terrain and the type of running will certainly dictate which shoes will be the best. Some are designed for long-distance marathon running while other shoes are more suited for running in the outdoors and on trails. There are also shoes that are made for people who are looking to get an experience that is closest to barefoot running.

When looking for the right pair of running shoes, it is important that you take your time when shopping and seek out the advice of a knowledgeable salesperson. He should be able to properly analyze and fit the trainers so that you will have many miles of comfortable running ahead of you.

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