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How to Fit Winter Wedding Favors to Your Wedding Reception

The ideal winter wedding favors will embrace a particular part of the season. For example, one glance at a miniature snow globe favor and the viewer is reminded of the fun of a snow filled winter’s day when loved ones can play together in the freshly fallen snow. Those are happy times filled with mittens, scarves, boots, coats, snowball fights, snowmen and women, hot chocolate, and warm bowls of soup.

Thus, by its very nature, the perfect winter wedding favors can suggest a specific wedding theme if your plans are not filled out, or embrace one if your plans are already established. For the purpose of illustration, I will use the miniature snow globe wedding favor to show how much a single choice can fill out and effect your decor options.

Whimsical Winter Wedding Reception

One theme suggested by these snow globe winter wedding favor is the whimsical aspects of the day. As a result, the wedding reception decorations might focus on snowmen and women – amazingly easy to find right now – and snowflakes along with snowballs. As such, you might have an ice sculpture of a snowman, woman, rabbit, bear, or… in the middle of your reception area or on the buffet table with compatible decorations on the perimeter of the reception hall. On each of the tables use a frosted glass ball with a lit tea light or votive candle inside for a simple centerpiece with snowflake confetti sprinkled on the table.

Historically Themed Winter Wedding Reception

A less obvious suggestion from this winter wedding favor – miniature snow globe favors – is to embrace the tradition of snow globe collecting. As such, the reception might take on a turn of the century feel or even a nineteenth century winter feel if you choose (snow globes first appeared in the mid 1800’s). So giving a snow globe as a wedding favor in such a wedding reception would be very appropriate.

There is a secondary advantage to this winter wedding favor suggestion too! Simply put, a bride that gives snow globe favors at a historically themed wedding reception could very well be seen as ‘so creative’ because so few people today know of the history of snow globes.

Finally, winter wedding favors, like all wedding favors have to take into consideration the entirety of the wedding reception guest list. What would be appropriate for the guests that are at that specific wedding? For example, if you had chosen wine charms as your wedding favor for your guests yet you have a number of children in attendance as well, you might want to choose a winter wedding favor like the snow globe favor listed above.

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