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How to Fix Broken Electrical Switches in the Home

Properly functioning switches are a crucial part of your home’s overall electrical system. These switches get a lot of use, so it is easy to understand that a number of them might end up being replaced or repaired at some time or another. Allowing a switch to remain broken is not only annoying, but is also a security hazard. If you have any malfunctioning electrical switches in your house, you must get them repaired as quickly as possible. Fixing one of these switches yourself is usually a somewhat simple task. It is crucial, however, if you are not very informed about working with electrical systems, that you contact a certified electrician to perform the task for you. In the event you intend to fix the switch yourself, here are a few tips that can be used that can help get the job done efficiently and safely.

Important Safety Measures

Safety factors are always the main objective when you are fixing a broken switch. While sometimes it can be a very simple repair, in other cases it can grow to be a complicated project. As an example, while fixing a “single-pole” switch may be uncomplicated, a three-way or four-way switch can be very confusing, making troubleshooting and repair very difficult. If you’re in any way unsure if you’re able to complete the project safely, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a licensed electrician. It is usually far better to be safe than sorry if you investigate the repair and understand that you happen to be dealing with something that you don’t understand or are unclear about. After all, the result of improperly performed electrical repairs could be a fire, serious injury, and even death.

Comprehending the Basics of Electrical Switches

Your house probably includes a few different types of electrical switches. In the bathroom or bedroom, you can commonly find simple switches that have just one single “off” and “on” switch. This is what is called a single-pole switch, and is the easiest to troubleshoot, replace, or repair. When you’ve got a single-pole switch, it’s the only one that controls the lighting fixture inside a room. Rooms like living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens have switches that are more complex, allowing the light fixture to be controlled from more than one location. Although this is certainly convenient when you wish to turn the room’s light off and on, it may possibly make switch repair or replacement considerably more complicated. When your light is controlled by a couple of different locations within a room, then chances are you have a 3-way switch. If you’re able to turn the light off and on from more than two different locations then you’ve got a 4-way switch. You will see that these switches do not have the “on” and “off” markings that you will find on single-pole switches. If you’re experiencing difficulties with these more complex switches, you may find you will have to replace more than one of them. Unless you have a lot of experience with these kinds of switches, it may be best to call a electrician when problems occur.

Since you now are a little bit more familiar with the sorts of switches which you might be dealing with in your home, make sure you call a electrician if you’d like some assistance with your repairs.

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