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How To Get An Affordable Semi Truck Financing?

If it’s always been a dream of yours to be a truck driver, let’s talk about affordable Semi Truck Financing. Being a truck driver has been my lifelong drive, and it’s now a reality! Before we talk about Semi Truck Financing though, let me tell you what got me hooked on driving.

As a little boy, our family would visit Uncle Kenny who lived in Melbourne, Australia. We lived in Broome, so you can imagine our excitement of flying from Broome to Melbourne every summer. We typically would stay for a week. I have a great moments with Uncle Kenny where I was seating along with the driver’s seat from his semi truck! I would pretend steering the truck, shifting the gears, waiving to the passer-bys and talking on the radio.

Each summer, I wanted to spend more and more time in Uncle Kenny’s truck. I would sit for an hour or two and picture driving cross country, stopping to make important deliveries, and checking out local restaurants for good homemade meals. I was only allowed to sound the horn once during my visit, and it always was a tough decision’do I honk as soon as I get in, or do I wait and honk right before we head home.

Uncle Kenny always want me to join him during the summer and drive with him at his semi. We would go out on the open road, and I felt that he and I could drive forever! I loved watching him shift gears and taking the responsibility of being a good driver so seriously. At age 11, Uncle Kenny pulled into a vacant parking lot and gave me my first truck driving lesson!!! I can remember it, as though it were yesterday!

I remember when I was at the age of 12, my father and Uncle Kenny summoned me to the living room. I glanced at them and think that I was in a bad situation. The serious looks reflected on their faces. My father speak to me and said that I am no longer a kid and he told me to try traveling alone on my way home. Your mother, sister and I are flying without you.” I thought that was rather odd. Uncle Kenny said, “Guess that means just one thing.

You and I will need to take the semi and make a cross country trip from Melbourne to Broome. You up to it boy?” Was I up to it!!!! Making that trip convinced me that I needed to be a truck driver. To this day, I’ve driven eleven years.

So what’s holding you back from your dream? Is it finding Semi Truck Financing? From talking with others, Semi Truck Financing really seems to be the biggest concern. It doesn’t have to be. In fact, with a little patience and a little research, you can even find affordable Semi Truck Financing. When I was working at established financial company and tried to analyze the rates, I was discovered that in Semi Truck Financing, I get much higher income through one of our local financial business.

We were able to work out a five year plan at a very low percent. I also had enough money to purchase truck insurance and other necessities. So if your dream is like mine, one of always driving a semi, then don’t let Semi Truck Financing discourage your dream’affordable Semi Truck Financing is available!

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