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How To Get What You Want

We all create. We all create everyday. We create on purpose, with intention and clarity or we create by accident, with mixed results. We make life happen, or life happens to us. We manifest our dreams or our demons. We are involved in manifesting our experience of everything whether we know it or not.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that it became common in Western civilization to acknowledge that we individually and collectively create our reality. Some of us have come a long way in this understanding, some are misled by well intentioned but inaccurate teachings, some are just waking up to the possibilities and some remain asleep.

In the “Positive Thinking ” Days of the 1970’s we were affirming our desires. The truth about affirmations is that they encourage us to pretend to believe what we want to believe. Pretending is not believing! Remember that goofy guy on “Saturday Night Live” who looked in his mirror and chanted “I like myself. I like myself. I like myself.” Repeating what we want does not make it so. Pretending, wishing and hoping often leads to disappointment. There are methods being taught that actually muddy the waters instead of creating smooth sailing. If we are grumbling about our life and insisting that the universe hand us the winning lotto ticket we are going to think that this manifestation stuff just plain does not work!

Managing our energy, removing disaligning beliefs and holding a clear vision with feeling gets us what we want.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of understanding manifestation, you create your reality every day. Consciously or unconsciously you put into motion the energies that manifest the reality you live in. If the concept of “energy” sounds like New Age who-ha, remember our old friend Albert Einstein.

He proved that everything is energy. Solid objects as well as solidified ideas of our self and our life are simply vibrating slower than light so they appear to be real. If we are operating in the slower, denser energies of fear, worry and resistance we can easily get stuck in the undertow of misery. If we operate in the higher frequencies of intention, compassion and appreciation everything flows, moves more smoothly, and can more effortlessly be directed toward our desires. Learning to operate in the higher, more fluid vibrations is the first step to manifesting our desires and intentions.

Science has come a long way in the last century to explain what reality really is and how we influence our experience. Quantum Physics can be applied with simplicity and ease to gain a quality of life you can only imagine! It’s about as complicated as it was to learn to tie your shoes. Finding resources that help you to understand the way our universe really works is the simplest path to getting what YOU want.
Create Your Joy!

Kristin S. Kopp, President of Partners In Progress since 1988, helps people to manifest intentional and passionate lives, purposeful work and financial freedom. Visit and for FREE books.