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How to get your Child to do Chores

If you find that you are repeating the same things repeatedly to your children about house hold chores, then there are a few things that you can do. There is no reason to get upset and angry with your children when the do not want to do chores. Here are a few parenting tips that you can learn to get your child to do chores.

You can change the pattern in your life and it is never too late. Use simple steps each time you ask your child to do something. They will just take a little bit more time and lots of attention at the first request but you will save time and frustration when you are done. With some practice, this will become a habit. You will see that this is less frustrating and you will not be so angry or stressed out when you ask your child to do something. You will see that you will get respect from your child with a few parenting tips to follow.

The first thing that you want to do is decide in your own mind what you want your child to do and give them a time frame to complete it in. You will need to get their attention, which means that you need to make eye contact at least. Do not yell a chore from another room. If you are busy, stop what you are doing and ask the child to do the chore face to face.

Good parenting advice is to make sure that you tell the child specifically what you want them to do. Watch to make sure they start what you have asked them to do. After they do the requested task, you should praise them for what they did. This is very important. You must tell them how wonderful they did each time.

Good parenting also requires you to ask the child why they have not started the task if they do not do it when you ask. Do not use a harsh voice, be calm and respectfull when you ask them why.

If you have asked twice and the child still has not done what you wanted, make everything stop. They cannot to do anything else until they have completed what you ask of them. When the child throws a fit put them in a time out as a first step in settling the child. When they come out, tell them again what you want and explain that there will be consequences if it incomplete.

It is not easy to have good parenting skills and it will not come at once. You have to be patient and understanding and it will all work out in the end.

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