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How To Grip A Golf Club

After you have mastered a good swing, the next most important lesson in golf is to have a good grip of the club. While many golfers spend months and even years working on their swing, constantly improving it, making it better and more controlled, many forget that a very good way to begin improving their golf game is to work on their grip.

By putting a little work into developing a good golf grip, by holding the golf club correctly, you can seriously improve your game. In fact there are many great golfers who maintain that it is really impossible to improve your golf, even your swing in isolation, unless you first work on your grip and get that down. And the good news is that it is relatively easy to start working on your grip and making the simple improvements that are possible. Then straightaway, without even knowing it or noticing how it has happened, you will begin to see an immediate improvement in your game and in your swing.

An important point to remember is that in golf everything is connected. It is impossible to perfect one part of your game without improving the others, and when you put work into any one single aspect of your game, you will also begin to notice subtle changes and improvements in the rest of your game that will make you a better player. This is why it is so important to put effort into improving your golf grip and not neglecting it while you concentrate on other seemingly more important parts of your game such as your golf swing.

The first thing to remember with a good golf grip is to keep your hands relaxed. Relaxed hands mean that you can have a good grip while maintaining flexibility. This will stop your swing from becoming rigid and will allow you to make subtle variations at any part of the swing that are necessary to succeed.

The second thing to remember is to keep your hands dry. Some golfers like to use a glove to make sure their hand does not get sweaty. Any slippage and you will completely lose control of the skill and of where you are positioning the ball.

The final thing to remember with a golf grip is that once you have got control of your grip, you will have to move on and work on your skill. But this task should be a lot easier now that you are holding the club right.

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