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How to Handle Sexual Exploitation and Harassment at Workplace

Women have always been exploited on the basis of sex, class, caste and race. Women do not engage themselves in such activities but they are forced by the environment they live in. Women’s of all the age group are sexually exploited, we being the members of the society have the duty to stop all this.

No society that purports to uphold gender equality should tolerate and accept this exploitation of women and girls. It is the fundamental human right to be free from all human exploitation in all forms.

Sexual exploitation is no work; rather it can never be characterized as work. Awareness to all must be ensured in order to eliminate such practices from our society. We must try to promote awareness programs especially in the backward areas, where people are less educated, engaging local population can prove to be of great help in order to stop such practices. We all wish to live in an environment that is well structured and is free from all the ill practices but we forget our duties and responsibilities towards it. People like us only are engaged in such practices, we ourselves are responsible for creating such an environment. From generation to generation the things and our economic and social values are getting threatened. Building effective complaint mechanism can again be very helpful in dealing with such exploitation at work.

Developing and implementing the codes of conduct: Codes that address such exploitation as abuse must be established so as to solve such issues.

Training and raising awareness: People must be addressed about our social cultural norms and also steps must be taken to train people, and develop tools that help in awareness.

Research and data collection: If the data is collected on regular basis timely steps can be taken and also this record will help to check that whether the plans that are being formulated, do they show any positive results or no.

Victim assistance mechanism: To assist the victims a mechanism must be established because this will help in reducing our job and efforts.

Other steps such as complaint mechanism, investigation must also be conducted because this will help in providing safer environment to women.

Our recent analysis shows that this type of exploitation has reached the greatest heights and also it has reached the highest levels of management. This exploitation is no more a recent problem, it has been carry forwarded from years but nowadays this is the most prevalent problem faced by women in the society not only this there survival is getting difficult day by day due to such reasons. A total of more than two thousand cases are recorded in a year. Many people have started believing that sexual violence has become a part of the job now days. All the studies that provide an insight into how staff cope with violence and what influences there decision to report incidents are to be welcomed so as to stop these practices.

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