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How To Improve Your Running Posture

Copyright (c) 2011 Jim Terroirier

Running is a great anti aging cardio vascular exercise. However, you may end up having all manners of side effects when you don’t know how best to go about the exercise. There are basic running postures you need to imbibe any time you go out to run. Discussed below is exactly the right posture you’re expected to take when you run.

Upright Posture is necessary

It’s very important to maintain an upright posture when you run. You have to lean forward a bit in an upright position in order to benefit well from the running exercise. As you maintain an upright posture, you still need to have a relaxed frame in order to enjoy the running process. Don’t tilt or chip up as that may lead to various running injuries.

The Perfect Form for Various Parts of the body during Running

Apart from maintaining an upright posture when you run, there are specific forms expected of various parts of your body. Let’s take a look at some of them.


The way you keep your head during running determines how you enjoy the exercise in the long run. You have to position your head in such a way that helps you to look forward as you run. Don’t tilt your head downward as if you’re gazing at your feet. This can cause untold havoc to your blood system and every other process going on in your nervous system. Looking forward with your head up is sure to strengthen your back and neck and also help you to enjoy the exercise.

Arms and Shoulders

When you run, your shoulders play vital roles in keeping your upper body relaxed. For maximum performance, you have to keep your shoulders loose and low. Avoid keeping then tight and high. When you get tired as you run; don’t let your shoulder creep towards your ears. Always try and release the tension each time in order to keep your posture in top gear.

In the same vein, your arms control the tension in your upper body while you run. Always make sure you swing your arms in conjunction with your leg strides. This helps in driving you forward as you run. Always make sure you keep your hands unclenched with your fingers touching your palms lightly. You have to swing your arms forward and backward not across your body. You have to keep your elbows bent at 90degrees. Always make sure you drop your arms by your sides and check them off each time you feel tension building up.


Torso refers to your upper body without the inclusion of the head, arms, waist and legs. The position of your torso when you run is determined by the position of your head and shoulders. Your torso and your back have to be straight when your head is up looking ahead and when your shoulders are loose and low. This helps you to enjoy your running without getting tired too quickly.

Finally, your hips as the center points of gravity are sure to be in the right position when your torso is in the right angle. For your legs, you have to lift them up in a nice angle in order to enjoy all the benefits that come with running.

Besides its obvious benefits such as weight loss and anti aging running can also be pleasurable when you discover vital tips that can help you enjoy it. Always make sure you plan your running and do well to check your progress from time to time.

In addition to its obvious benefits such as weight loss and anti aging running can also be enjoyable but to reap all the benefits one must do it corrrectly. To get the maximum health benefits of running taking HGH supplements like HGH advanced can be a good option.