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How To Lose Weight By Running Plan

Sounds simple doesn’t it? This centuries old problem is just as simple or as hard as you make of of it. I’m going to give you some tried and true principles that really do work. They’ve been working for me for the last twenty years. This is when I decided to tackle my weight problem. Constancy is the trick. Follow thru with the program throughout your whole life and you should live as long as Buster Martin the 101 year old marathon runner.

To lose weight you must burn up more calories than your taking in everyday. Once you finally do get to your target goal weight…where you want to stay, then you can back off a little on your daily running. Maintain three to four days a week should keep you in great shape. If your racing though, you’ll need to run more.

The second part of the equation of weight loss is by watching what you eat. By running daily and watching your calorie intake then you just about can guarantee your going to lose weight. If you don’t loss weight…then the problem can narrowed down to a couple of things. Either your not running enough or your taking in too many calories everyday.

What is a normal amount of calories that one can eat every day? That’s entirely upon you as an individual. Some people regard 2,000 calories a day is a normal amount of calories. Of coarse depending on your amount of activities you do everyday–adjust from there. It’s best to eat five or more small amounts of meals a throughout the day. Some call it grazing.

To tell you the truth I’ve been a vegetarian since the 70’s. It’s only been in recent years that I’ve went to a raw food diet. As much as possible anyway. More accurately I’m able to stay on it at a 90% on 10% not…throughout the month. I believe the closer you can keep what you eat in it’s most natural raw state is the best way to go!

If you haven’t been running at all, then you must start with a walk-run program in the beginning. Each week increase the distance your running and decrease the time your resting during your walking periods. A good place to start is by simply walk-running around your city block. By the end of your first month, all your walking should be fazed out. At this point with the running you’ll start burning more calories everyday. Good for you!

Each month you can add another mile to your long run day. This will build life long health benefits that your body will bank. This will build long-term endurance. The whole basis of a runner’s body is to continue to grow more and more capillaries with a heart strong and fearless! Oxygen will flow freely into all your newly formed muscle cells. A dynamic body will form at whatever age you may be! All under your control and command. Stick with this system of “how to lose weight by running plan” and it will work for you!

Gary Cooper is a writer/runner who reports on exercise & nutrition from a runner’s prospective. With well over 100 races behind him & 1,000’s of miles logged Gary encourages others to a make a habit of a healthier lifestyle, in this busy world we live in. He says, “You truly can renew your youthful years of strength, flexibility & vitality.” Stop by his website to learn much more!