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How to Make Hair Grow Faster

Hair grows normally in three stages for everyone. During the growing phase, 90% of our hair grows and during the resting phase, only 10% grows. We know that hair grows every month by about 0.5 inches and we should encourage it to grow healthy and strong. Hair growth may be affected if we do not take care of our health. How to make hair grow with amazing results? Hair growth can be maximized, if we adhere to certain rules and suggestions that prove invaluable, when you are trying to promote a faster rate of hair growth.

All of us should be conscious of our body and hair. We should ensure that we remain healthy. Hair can get damaged when we subject it to hair dyes and chemical treatments. We should not comb hair roughly to remove tangles or use a blow dryer it when it is wet. Never cut hair with a pair of dull scissors as it will damage hair.

Here are some tips that will help you to grow out hair luxuriously healthy and strong.

• Try not to expose hair for long hours in the sun

• Refrain from smoking. Make sure the foods you consume including the drinks are healthy and will not impede hair growth

• Diet is very important. Refrain from crash diets and eat more proteins and take vitamins

• Avoid areas of stress as this encourages hair loss

• Consult a doctor and take medical treatment in case it is prescribed

Long exposure to the sun can create many complications and it is advisable to try and avoid direct sunlight for long hours. Make sure you cover your head with a scarf or sun hat so that it is protected from the harsh UV rays.

When you chain smoke or take excessive amounts of alcohol, the blood flow to the scalp is reduced and this prevents hair from growing healthy and strong. The foods that you eat play a vital role in determining the health of your body. Eat a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits, meat and dairy products. Refrain from eating processed foods, sweets, carbonated sodas, caffeine and alcohol.

The other dangerous thing to practice is going on crash diets as this will play havoc with your system. Hair is comprised of protein and requires protein to grow long and strong. Protein encourages acceleration of healthy hair growth and when you compound this with vegetables and fruits you are bound to see great results.

Make sure you get sufficient hours of sleep so that your body rests and recuperates at night. Practice meditation or yoga if you can or perform a few relaxation exercises to help you de-stress.

Propecia and Rogaine are recommended for people who suffer from balding hair or when hair starts falling in patches. However, it is important to be aware that hair loss can take place regardless of age especially when one is on medication as they most often have side effects. Your doctor will be able to prescribe the right medicine for your hair in case you find that you have problems and wish to learn how to make hair grow.

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