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How To Manage Diabetes Naturally With Home Remedies

Most of the people think that there is no permanent cure for diabetes but some people believe that you can manage diabetes with natural cure. Usually Type 1 diabetes is caused when our pancreas stop producing the insulin. Type 2 diabetes is caused during the period of adulthood due to unhealthy life style and obesity. About both the types of diabetes it is said that, they have a strong genetic link. If you are suffering from the diabetes then it is necessary that you should follow a healthy diet, you should exercise regularly and also you should maintain the level of sugar by taking supplements and herbal remedies.

Some of the important symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, excessive thirst, extreme hunger, unusual weight loss, increased fatigue, irritability, blurry vision, leg pain, dry mouth etc.

How to manage diabetes naturally? It is a big question for many people. You should follow different natural remedies in order to get the solution of the question-how to manage the diabetes naturally? Some of the important natural remedies are:

1. You must exercise regularly. People who exercise regularly are at 50% less risk to develop the diabetes of type 2.

2. You should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Obesity is one of the important causes of diabetes. So you should always try to lose your weight.

4. To reduce the symptoms of diabetes, you should drink lemon water daily in the morning.

5. Fenugreek is also very effective in treating the diabetes. Soak the seed of fenugreek overnight and take it in the empty stomach in early morning. You can also use fenugreek leaves in cooking in order to cure diabetes.

6. You can also chew few leaves of sweet neem every day in the morning in order to control the symptoms of diabetes.

7. Eating a gooseberry (Amla) is very much effective in treating the problem of diabetes.

8. Black berry seeds, leaves and its bark everything are very much effective in treating the problem of diabetes. You can also take its seeds by making its powder. It is very much effective in controlling the diabetes.

9. Bitter gourd which is known as ‘karela’ is also very much effective in treating the diabetes. You can also drink the juice of karela in order to check the levels of diabetes. It easily reduces the level of blood sugar in blood as well as urine.

10. You can also take two cloves of garlic daily in the early morning on an empty stomach.

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