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How to Manage Your Mailing List and Use Postcards to Find Potential Sellers

Manage Your Lists in Excel

What I recommend is after you purchase a list I would get it in Excel spreadsheet format. Typically you can get it in what’s called comma delimited. The software we’re going to go through tonight is able to handle that. It uploads it.

The nice thing about getting in on Excel is you can then delete the list or delete bad addresses so you can save time and money when distributing the postcards to the list. We’re going to go through this.

The Importance of Mailing First Class

Typically the first time you get the list you would spend a few extra dollars and make sure you send the postcards first class. The advantage of this is that any postcard they cannot deliver because of a bad address they would send back to you. You would then collect all these postcards that are coming back to you – takes a little bit of time – and go into your Excel spreadsheet and delete out all the bad addresses. Then the next time you use that list it is cleaned up which will save you time and mailing costs.

You might typically see 20-30 percent bad addresses the first time through. What I would do is use that the next time because you’ve refined and cleaned up your list, so you save that extra 20-30 percent in terms of not having to mail to bad addresses. Work your list. Clean it up.

You can get the list in label format. That means you print out the postcards then you would put the labels on the postcards with the mailing addresses printed on the labels. To me this is an absolutely ridiculous way of doing it. It’s too much labor and time on your part. You’re far better to upload the list in Excel format to and let them do the entire mailing campaign for you.

Use to Create Postcards

if you guys are serious about this, what I would suggest is that you go to and you would draw postcards. There is a part of that website that will say Sending Postcards. What will happen is it will redirect you to a site called They are a website that allows you to send postcards – also they send letters and all kinds of different things.

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