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How to Overcome Procrastination When You Wake Up

There are very few of us that wake up every morning of our life with a great feeling of joy and exuberance. Emotions change like the wind. We all have them, and we all experience the rapid changes in those emotions.

One minute we are as happy as can be; but the next, we’re ready to give that guy a piece of our mind – or worse. Emotions, or a lack of the right ones, can definitely put a brake pedal on our motivation – that brings about either hesitation, or procrastination.

We cannot deny that we are all affected, to some degree, by our emotions. But, in this case, it is a matter of learning how to overcome procrastination in the face of those emotions. So, in looking at emotions, we see:

· They are part of life
· They normally change
· They can blind us
· They want to master us

Notice particularly, the last two points. Emotions can blind us. That means that we begin to see things in a more or less distorted way – depending on the strength of the emotions. Then comes the fight for control. First, we are blind-sided, then, the emotion wants to control us.

Emotions Cannot Be Trusted

The truth about emotions, is that they often cannot be trusted. Because what we once decided, when we were feeling good, now is not good , only because our emotions have changed. Has the value of the good decision changed – no, it is still good. What has changed then – only our emotion toward it. Once we see that emotions really do not change anything – except our willingness, then we can proceed to the next step.

Look At The Goals

Now, we need to ask ourselves: “Is the goal still worth going after, on a daily basis, whether I feel like it or not?” Here, then, needs to be the basis for our thought processes. If we ask ourselves if we feel like it or not, the answer will often be “No.” But that makes the emotions the master.

Refuse to Focus On Feelings

Instead, the master ought to be the will – are we going to do what we determined to do, just because it is right? Forget about the focus on how you feel. This is what stops many people – simply asking themselves the wrong questions.

Its kind of like the guy who was asked how was he doing, when he met a friend in the morning. He replied, “Don’t know, haven’t been up long enough to tell, yet.” It wasn’t that he really did not know, it just did not matter to him. He was going to do what he needed to do, whether he felt like it or not. And, he simply refused to focus on how he felt.

So, next time that alarm clock goes off, don’t ask yourself if you feel like getting up. Knowing how to overcome procrastination begins with asking yourself, “What part of my goals can I accomplish today?”

Then, get up and get started on your journey toward a more prosperous life. This will take a little getting
used to – but it will be worth it.

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