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How to Prevent Bags under the Eyes

In daily life, there are a few things we women can do to reduce the appearance of the bags or circles under the eyes, different periods of time, we can have different methods to guard against the bags under the eyes.

Brief instructions:

As soon as you get up, put cold spoons to get rid of those under your eyes for a few minutes, this is to reduce the temperature of your eyes, then put warm towel under your eyes, the two procedures alternate for each two to three minutes. All these things should be done before you put on any makeup.

If you are working on the Internet, don’t watch the screen for a long time. Giving some time to look far into the distance is also helpful to prevent bags under the eyes. Don’t rub your eyes heavily. Don’t too strongly pulling the eye skin. This may lead to wrinkles.

After surfing on the internet, cleaning the face is very important which can clean up the dirt adsorbed by the static, which is also useful to prevent bags under eyes. Preparing a bottle of eye drops is also a good choice to prevent our eyes.

Addition to these methods, to limit bags under the eyes, you can use the corresponding eye cream, which will do to prevent wrinkles well that causes the skin around the eyes to puff out. Except for that, you can eat some food containing collagen protein, such as goose, pigskin, pigs cubits scales, fish head soup. About the diet, pay attention to reduce salt intake to avoid water retention.

At night, use the ordinary watermelon peel, cucumber slice to put under the eyes to nourish the skin. Before bedtime, limit intake of liquid. Drinking fluids increases your body’s fluid retention and this may settle in your eyes during sleep. If unnecessary, avoid drinking liquid at midnight.

The pillows you use are also very important. Using two pillows can prevent puffy eyes poor drainage.

What’s the most important: have a good rest.

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