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How To Prevent Yourself From The Complications Of Hypertension ?

Today the problem of high blood pressure is becoming very common. Sometimes before this problem was found in the people above 40 years of age but now children are also getting affected from this. . The increase in blood pressure is a chronic condition. Our life style is very much responsible for the growth of this disorder. The complications of hypertension can be fatal. So the early diagnose of this disorder is necessary. If the treatment is taken on the right time then it is possible to get protected from the complications. rn rn • Hypertension is a condition in which the heart has to work harder than it should. Normal blood pressure for human is 120/80mmHg. If it is more than 140/90mmHg, it is clearly a high blood pressure condition. rn rn • Hyper tension is opposite to hypotension. It can be classified into primary and secondary. rn rn • Around 90 to 95% cases are categorized as primary hypertension, which has no obvious medical cause while the remaining 5 to 10% cases are caused by other conditions that affect heart, arteries, and kidneys. It is also called secondary hypertension. rn rn • If hypertension becomes persistent in anybody, it increases the risks of heart failure, stroke, myocardial infarction etc. it is one of the leading cause of kidney failure. It shortened the life expectancy. rn rn • By adopting some lifestyle modifications the blood pressure can be lower. Drug therapy is essential to control the condition. Cessation or reduction to few things can provide a lot of improvement to the condition. rn rn • Quitting of smoking and alcohol is very important to improve the condition the affected person should remain away from these things. rn rn • Weight reduction is also a helpful step as obesity is also a main factor behind causing the condition. rn rn • Regular exercise can help to reduce the blood pressure level. So it should be involved in the routine. It also helps to keep the body fit and fine. rn rn • Controlling diabetes is very important. A diabetic patient becomes susceptible to the condition more easily. rn rn • Reducing sugar and sodium salt from the diet is very important as it contribute in increasing the blood pressure and can lead to many complications of hypertension . rn rn • Reducing stress with relaxation therapy such as meditation is also beneficial. The affected person should not take things seriously. rn rn • Some factors like sedentary lifestyle, obesity, alcohol consumption, potassium deficiency, and old age are very much associated with the condition. rn rn • It can be cured with exercise and proper medication. Hypertension can also arise during pregnancy. It is a common medical problem and can be classified into following categories such as rn rn • Chronic hypertension rn rn • Preeclampsia- eclampsia rn rn • Gestational hypertension rn rn No direct cause of hypertension is found but many things collectively responsible for causing the condition. The affected person may feel drowsiness, confusion, vision disorders, headache, vomiting, nausea etc.

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