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How to Replace Vertical Blind Slats

Over time, vertical blind slats become damaged and worn. It comes to searching for replacement options. Luckily, replacing one of the slats is one of the easiest things when it comes to maintenance – the trickiest part will be finding a slat that matches the others.

Take some time to look around for the different places to buy the slats. When it comes to shopping at physical stores, take one of the slats to use it as something to compare the others with. Do not settle for something close to the type of slat for the blinds; take the time to find something that matches perfectly.

Talk to the shop assistant to find out more about the different types of slats available. While there may be nothing in the store, the shop assistant may be able to phone around other stores in the location or recommend somewhere else to go. She may also be able to order in the style being looked for to help.

Take your search online, as this often means cheaper vertical blind slats and more choice. However, make sure that the detail is looked into and make sure that the pictures are exactly what the slat will look like. The last thing anybody wants is to order something, only to find out that the real item is something completely different.

Once the right slat has been found, it comes to the replacement process. The slat will come with the needed pieces to connect it to the current blinds. The slat just needs to be added to the blind as it would when taking them down and putting them back up to wash them. This is something that many people do on a regular basis, so there will be no problem with this.

It is important to wash the blinds and look after them on a regular basis. This will help to prevent the need to replace them too often. Of course, replacing is something that is needed from time to time, especially when it comes to rips and tears that can occur in the light material.

When it comes to removing the slats from the blind, take some care to make sure the material does not rip or tear. Do not pull at the slat; lift it up and gently remove it from the holder. This is the most common way that a blind will become damaged over time. Pulling at the blind will also lead to the plastic holders becoming damaged.

When the blind is being washed, take some care to make sure it is done correctly. Use some warm water and soap and do not put corrosive materials into the mixture. Avoid putting the slats into the washing machine or tumble dryer as this will commonly lead the material to ripping or tearing.

Replacing vertical blind slats is one of the easiest things to do but is something that should be avoided as much as possible. Take some time to look after the slats first before it is essential to replace them.

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