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How To Set Get-Able Goals

You may want to be the richest person in your neighborhood, or the richest person in your city. You may desire a fleet of cars that will be the envy of even Donald Trump. You may dream of a house in London, a casa in Spain, a mansion in Italy or just to be super-rich. All your wants are dreams and desires, not really goals. You definitely do not want to get disappointed and disillusioned. The best thing to do in this case is set goals that are get-able or achievable. Whether you are setting goals for your personal life, your career or your married life, make sure that they are within your reach and attainable.

Specific Goals

Make sure that the goals you are setting are simple and clear-cut. The reason you are setting a goal is to get some work done, or to achieve something with a focus in mind. Make a comprehensive list of your goals. Segregate them into categories of What, Why and How.

You need to ask: What is your goal? What are you out to achieve? Be proactive and use words like direct, organize and plan in this category. Why are you out to achieve this goal? Why is it important to you that you achieve this goal? How are you going to achieve this goal? The methods you are going to use to achieve the specific goal should be highlighted.

The key to making your goal achievable is to make it specific. Have small goals to achieve a big goal. Your goal maybe to lose 2 inches off your waist at the end of the month; make this goal simpler and achievable by setting smaller goals like going for a walk everyday, no more eating carbohydrates and increasing your intake of protein. These small goals will help you achieve your main goal of losing 2 inches.

Make your goal Measurable

Remember this before you set your goals. If they are not measurable, they are not achievable. Make sure that the goals you set can be measured so as to know whether or not they have been achieved. Set goals like I want to run 10 miles by the end of 2 months, not goals like I want to become an athlete. Measurable goals help you to stay on track, work harder to achieve your goals and keep you motivated.

Achievable, attainable and realistic

The key to setting achievable goals is to set goals that are attainable. Attainable goals are goals that are realistic, which you know are possible to achieve and which you desperately want. When you know the goal is attainable, you will develop the attitude to attain it. You will work from every angle you possibly can to achieve your goals. Realistic goals are do-ables, get-ables and achievables.

Goals that you think are not attainable are the ones you will naturally not work at. You will make excuses for not doing it. Your subconscious mind will protest and soon you will give up on the goal completely. Avoid this completely by setting attainable and realistic goals. But remember that attainable should not be too easy because then that is not motivating enough.

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