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How To Submit Articles: A Simple Guide

If you are a complete beginner at article marketing and are wondering how to submit articles, then this simple guide is a great place to start.

I’ll give you the foundational information you need about how article marketing works, what can you expect in terms of a timeframe on results, and how to actually do article marketing.

What Does Article Marketing Do?

No doubt you’ve already heard that article marketing is a very effective way to “drive traffic to a website,” but what does that mean?

It might be helpful to imagine a brick and mortar store where customers go to buy products.

If the store has very few people stopping in, then it has very low traffic. But if the store is bustling with activity where customers are packed in like sardines (imagine a big department store on Christmas Eve), then the store is getting a lot of “traffic”.

Websites work very similarly to real world stores.

Before you start marketing your website it can be like a ghost town–hardly any visitors at all. In order to get your website in a position where it can make a positive impact on your business, you need to find a way to turn that ghost town into a bustling metropolis.

That is what article marketing does. People use article marketing to bring visitors who are likely interested in becoming customers to their website.

How Soon Can I See Results When Submitting Articles?

The biggest mistake that beginners make is in expecting to see immediate results. They submit a handful of articles and then sit back and say, “Now, let me see if this is really working.”

Sure, some people do see a big impact on their website traffic right at the beginning, but that is not the norm.

The truth is that article marketing is a long term marketing tool that takes several months of consistent work in order to see the first fruits.

As you’re just starting to submit articles, commit to submitting articles consistently each month for 6 months. If you use an article submission service, then 8 articles a month is ideal. If you are submitting articles by hand, you will need to submit significantly more articles to see the results you’re after.

The key to article marketing success is submitting the proper quantity of articles (important not to submit too many or too few) on a monthly basis.

Why Do People Submit Articles When Results Are Usually Not Immediate?

=> Article marketing is a favorite marketing tool of small business owners because it is reliably effective.

=> The costs are low, much lower than it would normally cost to market a business.

=> The time spent writing and submitting articles is doable for most business owners who realize the amazing benefits that website marketing can have on their business.

=> The process is very simple–pretty much everyone with decent writing skills can write and submit articles. There is nothing overly technical about the process, so it is very user friendly.

What Is The Right Way To Submit Articles?

*Write articles related to your niche.

*When you submit your article, you will also submit a resource box that includes a clickable link to your website. This is one of the means by which readers of your article can visit your website. This clickable link in your resource box also influences your website’s ranking in Google. The primary benefit of article marketing comes from this improved ranking in Google.

*Submit articles every month.

*It is worth your time to learn how to appropriately incorporate your keywords in your article marketing campaign.

I hope this very simple guide has been helpful to you. This is enough information for you to get started and feel like you have a handle on how to submit articles. Do you have any questions? If so, please let me know.

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