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How to Travel Around South America with Kids

traveling with kids

Traveling around South America is always exciting and fun. This continent is one of the most beautiful and geographically diverse settings on our planet, with mountain ranges, some of the warmest beaches, tropical forests, meadows, historical places, and landmarks to explore. But when traveling with kids, it will always be a great test to choose a specific destination. Even if you cover different countries in one single trip, planning an itinerary will be a difficult task.

Kids come up with all sorts of suggestions that are solely based on their likings and interests. When you have multiple kids, you are definitely up for a hard time as every kid has their own list of things to do and see. This can result in creating an inferno between your children, which will be near impossible to put out. As a parent, it is not possible to side with one child and ignore the other one, so you have to decide the best for your family by being unbiased all the time. So traveling with your family and children is always going to be a bit challenging. However, these things make a family stronger on all the fronts of life, and together you all come out of it closer to one another. But to sweeten things out and make your trip joyful from the get-go, I am going to provide extremely useful tips that you can implement and enjoy a great South American trip with your family and kids.

travel with children

Important things to know when traveling to South America with kids

South America is a huge continent with countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and much more. There is a lot to see and do in your South American trip, so you need to be very specific with your choice. You can have a great time with your family on a warm beach, or if you and your kids prefer trekking, you have the whole Patagonia region to choose from. There are more possibilities to all your desires in Latin America, and nothing disappoints there. You just need a good planning, and you will definitely have a great time of your life.

Learning from personal experiences of others

When I went to Asia on my first trip with kids, I was able to find help by visiting websites of travel agents that provides cheapest flights. So I recommend you to visit this website and see if there is something related to the South American trip that can help you in planning. Following are some great tips that I am able to gather and discuss with reason in this article. I hope you find them useful and plan a trip around them.

Picking up a destination with diverse geography

One of my kids is fond of trekking in the mountains, and the other one is quite the opposite. She loves to roam on a warm beach. So choosing a traveling destination has always been a challenge for me. However, I solved this problem by visiting a country that has both. Some South American countries like Chile and Argentina have ample beaches and mountains to trek. Famous Patagonia is located in both these countries. So plan your trip to a place where there is a diverse geography.

Consulting a travel agent

Asking for someone else’s opinion who is an expert, such as a travel agent is always advisable. They know places where kids can enjoy their vacations to the fullest as well as you too. They can also help you with your itinerary, as well as airline tickets and finding you suitable accommodation. If lucky, you may end up getting a discount from them.

Take all necessary meds

When traveling with children, you need to be extra careful with their health. Kids have an under-developed immune system, and they are prone to even the simplest of diseases. So always do some research about your destination and take all essential medications with you. South America has a unique atmosphere, different than other parts of the world. So extra care will always help.

Flexible planning

Kids are always getting late and taking their parents with them in their delays. So make a flexible itinerary that has some margins between destinations. Sometimes children want to spend some more time at places they are enjoying. A flexible plan will also help you in this regard.