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How to Treat Fibromyalgia Pain with Non Steroidal Drugs

People who have never felt continuous chronic pain will never be able to understand what it is like to have it. Every day life becomes extra challenging with all the pain surrounding you. It could be any pain; like lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia or even migraine. Doctors have no solution for these pains and can only recommend you to go for pain management.

Luckily, research has come up with medicines and ways to fight against this; These methods will help patients to lead a better and more normal life. With this method, patients can suffer less agony by using steroidal medications. Using this technique can be painful and it will be worse for people who are hypersensitive. It works better than some fibromyalgia drugs. Some of the problems which will appear on fibromyalgia and migraine patients are: Their skin is so painful that it even a touch of needle would hurt them extremely. It happens, due to lowering of their pain threshold. So they suffer even worse.

This new technique called pain pause technology is being employed now a day to help these hypersensitive patients. According to the patients who have undergone this procedure, describe the sensation as,” like being stung by the snapped rubber band”. By using this method, patients will no longer feel the pinching, burning or twitching feeling when they go through an injection. Chronic pain treatment was further improved when non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs was introduced.

These drugs are very good for people who have pain in their lower backs. It is able to decrease the amount of pain and inflammation. You won’t be getting any side effects when you use these drugs. Biggest disadvantage of using steroid based drugs is that they adversely affect other parts of your body. But steroids are known as good anti inflammatory agents to calm your nerve activities which will result in less pain. Crucial difference between the treatment using steroids and treatment without using steroid is that non steroidal treatment does not affect adrenal glands. It wouldn’t create any fibromyalgia overlapping conditions too.

When steroids affect the working of these adrenal glands, production of cortisol is significantly reduced. Your body produces cortisol which gives you natural cortisone. This will not happen if you do not use steroids in your treatment. It is the only possible way to let you body be free of pain. It would be a fantastic feeling to live without pain. Although the pain might not disappear totally, your life can be much better even if the pain is reduced.

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