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How To Triple Your Reading Speed With The Right Speed Reading Course

With the right speed reading course, you can significantly increase your reading speed. And, by increasing your reading speed, you can consume larger amounts of materials, learn more, and get work done more efficiently and in a more timely manner. But, there are a few things you should look for when selecting a speed reading course in order to guarantee that you will get the results you desire.

The philosophy of course will tell you a great deal about whether or not it is worth investing your time and money in. There are three basic components that should be included in a quality course. These include:

1) Focusing on reading blocks of words. The more words you can read in blocks, the more you will be able to read overall. For many, reading in blocks is easier to do by holding the reading material a bit further from their eyes than usual.

2) Reducing the fixation time. The average reader tends to spend too much time on one word or sentence. In order to increase your reading speed, you need to work on reducing the amount of time you spend reading a block of words. By reducing your fixation time, you will actually learn to pick up only the most important elements.

3) Reducing the number of skip-backs. The average reader has a tendency to go back and read parts he or she has already read. To increase reading speed by reducing skip-backs, it is helpful to use a pointer such as a pencil, pen, or finger to help with the flow of reading. The faster you move your pointer, the faster your reading speed will be.

When searching for a speed reading course, you will find that they are available in a number of different formats. Some are offered on video while others are offered in the form of an ebook. Yet others are available in the form of software that teaches you how to increase your reading speed while also providing you with opportunities for practice. The type of speed reading course that is right for you depends upon your individual learning style. But, regardless of the type of speed reading course you select, it should certainly offer you the opportunity to practice and to hone the new skills you have learned.

By increasing your reading speed, you can significantly improve your work output and your level of knowledge, leaving more time for you to do the other things you enjoy in life.

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