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How to Use Facebook As a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Facebook offers you a wide range of marketing possibilities. We will have a closer look at some of them in this article.

For an easy start, I would recommend starting with building a Fan Page. Building a Fan Page will get you started quick, easy and at low cost.

The actual creation of the Fan Page is quite easy. However, I strongly encourage you to pay attention to Facebook’s Layout Changes.

Facebook has earlier this year made changes to the layout of the Fan pages. These changes gives you enhanced functionality for designing creative and interesting pages.

Grab these opportunities from Facebook, this gives you and your business a chance to stand out from a lot of other Fan Pages, as many companies still haven’t enabled these enhanced features.

Facebook has posted a series of tutorials to help you get started with using these Enhanced Features on your Fan Page.

Keep your self updated on Facebook’s own tips and guidelines for creating a site with the best user experience.

Latest important updates from Facebook pr Wed., November 23, 2011:

Facebook have decided to display Sponsored Stories Ad units in the Ticker part of the Facebook page. Sponsored Stories are stories that are appears in your Users/Customers News Feed Sponsored Stories have statistically shown over 40% higher click through rate than standard ads. I strongly encourage all you marketers out there to read more about these new exciting possibilities!

Now let’s have a look at some different marketing tools you will find inside Facebook.

Sampling Ads:

Sampling ads via Facebook provide a clever, targeted system to get free samples of your product into the hands of your targeted customer.

Facebook’s advertising system can target your customers by location, age, gender, birthdays etc, and have them visit your website, or Like your Facebook page so you can target your marketing towards specific groups.. Creative use of Facebook sampling ads can make your campaign stand out, and let you target your customers in different ways.

Poll Ads:

Poll Ads encourage your users to interact with your brand by answering questions and letting them instantly see the results of the poll. Poll Ads are in other words great for getting direct feedback from your fans. Use your creativity with Poll Ads, so that you quickly know which of your products are more popular, or if you want to get new ideas for existing and/or new products.

Profile Picture:

Images let you earn the trust of your visitors. Make sure that you create quality photographs of your images, so that they don’t look like everyone else’s on the internet.

Consider hiring a photographer in order to get those quality shots of your company and/or your products.

This will help your product listings stand out, and build trust among new and existing customers..

Be Human:

Many companies let people behind the brand represent their Facebook Page.

This enables your company to communicate with your Fans on a personal level, to show some personality behind a fancy logo.

Try to entertain your Fans from time to time. Investigate a bit for yourself and see how some Companies use their employees to market their Brands.

Facebook marketing is a fun way of promoting online but you’ll have to do some work. It’s something that takes time to build, and while it might not be something that can happen overnight, you might be pleasantly surprised!

You will quickly discover more ways of reaching out to potential buyers and consumers.

Start today!

Mason Rhodes is an expert writer of Social Network Marketing Strategies.Mason Rhodes website has information and up-to-date reviews on the latest on Facebook Marketing: