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How to use gold test kits

Having genuine precious metals and other gems are added investments one may have. Precious metals and gems’ prices vary depending on the weight and the amount of metal is calculated. But the way these precious metals are weighed are not the same with how usual commodities like grains, salt, sugar and other grocery items. It uses troy weights, which is the weighing system for precious metals. The difference between the troy weights and the typical weighing method for typical grocery items is that a troy ounce is much heavier than an ounce of any grocery item.

Jewelers and other enthusiasts of precious metals have various methods and technique in determining the how much each precious metal like gold, silver, platinum and others weigh in. since one of the most common and precious metal is gold, jewelers and gold collectors have found ways on how to effectively and easily determine if a gold piece is real or not or how much Karat, or a gold’s purity is measured in a certain material.

How to use gold kits

There are different types of gold test kits available today which can be used in order to effectively know the purity and weight of gold or even other precious metal. It is easy to use by following these important steps:

a. Take a sample, preferably a very tiny crushed ore or gold and then add the product.

b. After adding in the mixture or the product used for testing,

c. View to see the reaction of the product with the ore sample

d. If the ore dissolves it is not gold above the product rating. If it does not dissolve or it turns a color it means that the precious metal is a genuine gold repeat the test with the next solution to see if there is a higher amount of gold.

In every testing kit, there are different substances so it is important to know which one should be used first. Although gold test kits can be of great advantage, the mixtures should be handed carefully and be avoided to reach the eye because it can damage or impair the sight.
Aside from the gold test kits, there are also other pre-mixed test acids which do not only test how genuine gold is but also other precious metal like silver and platinum. The premise is also the same with the gold test kits where it takes a little sample and uses the pre-mixed substances on the samples and when it turns into the desired color, then it is a genuine precious metal. The karat or the degree of purity also varies for each sample depending on how dark or light the precious metal sample turns out to be.

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