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How To Use Recycled Picnic Tables To Create An Eco-Friendly Outdoor Seating Area

In today’s competitive market, standing out from the crowd has become a necessity, no matter what kind of business you operate. Consumers now have unlimited options, which means that offering something new and unusual is essentially a requirement for success. This is especially true in the restaurant industry. After all, you can buy a pizza or hamburger on just about every corner, so most consumers require a compelling reason to choose one establishment over another.

One way to set your business apart from the competition is to create an eco-friendly outdoor seating area. Recycled plastic picnic tables are a green alternative to standard outdoor furniture – and they provide a cozy, casual seating arrangement where customers can feel right at home!

Benefits Of Plastic Picnic Tables

Many individuals love the feeling of dining outside at their favorite restaurant, especially when the weather is mild. There’s just something relaxing about sitting in an outdoor patio, taking in the sunshine and warm breeze while enjoying the company of friends. If you’re looking to infuse some new life into your restaurant’s outdoor seating area, consider replacing your existing outdoor furniture with picnic tables made from recycled plastic. Umbrella-ready recycled picnic tables are available in a wide variety of configurations to suit any decor, including round, square, rectangle and hexagon. Even better, many are ADA compliant, so handicap accessibility will never be an issue.

Not only are recycled picnic tables an eco-friendly option, but they are also easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free – a characteristic that every restaurant owner can appreciate. That means no more stacking chairs at closing time or worrying about chair theft!

Incorporate A Variety Of Eco-Friendly Elements

Once you’ve made the decision to switch to recycled picnic tables, why stop there? Add additional eco-friendly elements to your patio for the complete package! Real plants and vibrant flowers are a natural way to provide an earthy decorative touch and a pleasing atmosphere. If you’re really committed to the cause, implement a recycling program within your restaurant as well. Recycling bins for glass, plastic and paper items can provide the perfect finishing touch to your green outdoor seating area.

Make Your Green Business Practices Known

Environmentally-friendly business practices are very important to many consumers. Some will even go out of their way to frequent an eco-friendly establishment with organic menu options or a recycling program. That’s why it’s so important to make sure customers are aware of any green initiatives your restaurant is currently implementing.

Once you have created your green outdoor seating area, post signs around your establishment announcing your new efforts. If you have a social networking page, such as Facebook or Twitter, inform your followers as well. You could even post a picture of your new recycled plastic picnic tables and recycling bins. Although sharing such a small detail may seem unnecessary, you may be pleasantly surprised by the positive effects of such a seemingly small change!

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