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How To Use The Internet To Find A Job

Looking for a job used to be an easy thing to do. You took your CV around to prospective employers or made enquiries at local businesses in your area. Or asked a member of your family if there were any jobs available where they worked.

But the world is more competitive now and job searching is much tougher especially in the current economic climate. Employers have higher expectations than before and can pick and choose at random so how do you get yourself noticed? You need to use a variety of tools when searching for a job, the most popular being the internet. The majority of people use the internet to find a job which means that you cannot afford to get left behind.

LinkedIn job search

These days, employers, recruiters and the like use LinkedIn as a way of finding potential employees. LinkedIn is a business orientated social networking tool or ‘Facebook for suits’ as it has been nicknamed. It lets you set up a personal profile and post your CV on there as well as connecting to other people.

Employers trawl this rather than browsing through endless CV’s and covering letters. They prefer to pick and choose their ideal candidates from LinkedIn rather than spend endless amounts of time going through thousands of CV’s. Particularly when there are so many people chasing so few jobs.

LinkedIn is also used by agencies looking for freelancers and contractors; by companies looking to form alliances with other and by business people connecting to each within a business networking group.


There are numerous online job searching sites which enable the prospective employee to post their CV online whilst searching for jobs. These jobs are arranged in categories with filters to help narrow down the search, e.g. a particular location and sector.

They also contain help and advice for the jobseeker as well as career tools which give advice about interview techniques, training courses, CV’s and dealing with redundancy.

You can set up a free account with these sites and choose to receive job alerts via email or Twitter.

Government agencies

Another option is to obtain help from your local job centre or visit the Jobcentre Plus website. Your local jobcentre has touchscreen kiosks called jobpoints which enable you to search for a job by choosing certain parameters, e.g. location, full/part time, industry sector etc.

There is also the Directgov website. This website contains a variety of information about public services which includes employment and is linked to the Jobcentre Plus site. It enables you to look for jobs or voluntary work and contains useful information to help you with your search.

Looking for jobs on the internet doesn’t rule out other forms of job searching. It still helps to make a speculative approach to a company but make sure you have done your homework by researching the company thoroughly. Don’t just spend 5 minutes on the company website! Spend time finding out as much as you can, analyse the information and think of what you personally can offer an employer.

Good luck!

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