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How To Visualize And Attract The Life You Always Wanted

First you need to get your vision board ready. Have you built your vision board yet? If you have not, you will find out how to later.

Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably with your vision board that you have built. Hold up your vision board and look at what are the pictures on the vision board. Go through each and every picture. Feel your emotions going through you as you look at the picture. Imagine owning it, live it… visualize all the things you want vividly. You can add actual motions ( like using your hands to feel the diamond ring that you want ) or say out loud “Butler, get me my shoes” etc. Act as if you already have it.

Look at your vision board at least once every day the moment you wake up for at least half an hour in a quiet place. It would be even better if you can look at your vision board again at night. Remember to find a quiet place for you to focus your visualization, to deepen your visualization vividly.

Of course, this is not going to be easy to make it as real and it will take time and practice. But do not give up.

However there are tools in the market that can help you speed up this process. One recommended tool is “Attraction Accelerator” which is a visualization tool that can help you fast-forward the process. If you use this tool, you probably only need only 10 minutes a day to do this visualization exercise. Otherwise, you can find other visualization tool.

Such visualization tools usually consist of special MP3 audios that you can listen to while you look at your vision board. By listening to the MP3s, the special music consists of scientifically proven “beats” in the music background to help you go into focused visualization vividly. In fact many people have feedback that they are listening to it everyday right now. The best part is that since it is in MP3, you can easily burned a copy of it into your MP3 player and be able listen to it whenever you want to. Every time when you listened to it, you can feel brain energy being activated such that you can see “pictures” in your mind in color much like TV.

Here’s a secret : This can be used for focusing as well as for energy and it is not solely for visualization! Try to listen to it during working time to help to stay focus on tasks at hand too.

That said, you can still make the Law of Attraction work without any tools but you really have to be consistent and do not give up. Law of Attraction will definitely work its magic and before long, you may be getting what you desire soon.

Bonus Resource : If you have not created your vision board yet, visit How To Visualize to find out how. Also check out Abundance Attracting – Your Key To Attracting Abundance In Your Life to grab a FREE copy of report on the Law of Attraction.