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How to Win an Ex Back: There’s Still Hope for You

Copyright (c) 2011 Chris J Roberts

Relationships thrive on balance. Balance of needs, affection, love, respect and efforts. This balance can only be maintained when both people involved in the relationship do their part to make the relationship a success. When the balance is lost the relationship gradually gets weak and dies off. That is when you start to loose grip of your partner. And if you are wondering on how to win an ex back there is still hope. There are factors to be worked on how to win an ex back.

(1) Strength: You have to put up an image of being mentally strong. You can’t fake it. So you have to be strong. Showing a fragile mental strength by pleading and begging she come back to you would most likely end up as a failed attempt. Breakups are not easy and that’s why it’s most important to be strong not just to show her but to prove you too.

(2) Contact: Keeping away from her might seem to be the wrong tactic to initiate communication with her. But you must understand that a break might do a world of good for you as well as her. It will give her time to clear her mind of all useless thoughts and have a clear idea of where she is. It’s very important for her to have a good grip on the situation when you start working on how to win ex back.

(3) Flexibility: Being flexible doesn’t mean giving in to all their demands. But you must understand that your ex left you because there was something in the relationship that she was not satisfied with. Listen to her and be ready to give more than the 50 percent in the relationship that is required to make the relationship work.

(4) Socialize: Call your old friends or join some group and be active socially. Being alone would only make your mind worse in such situations. Socializing doesn’t mean going on a date with the opposite sex, though, even that is not a bad idea. Socializing will not only help you have a healthy frame of mind but also a lot of things to talk about when you get back with your ex.

(5) Reinvention: There were you that your ex had fallen in love with. Try and figure out what changed in you that caused her to lose the love she had for you. Visiting the first few months of your relationship down the memory lane would help you understand what you have lost and gained during the course of time your relationship was on. Try your best to be the real person you were when she fell in love with you.

Though not the easiest of things to figure out, how to win an ex back is a question that needs to be worked on very carefully. The few aspects mentioned above would come in handy in your pursuit to ‘win my ex back’.

There are ways to get her back. Now what you need is some expert advice and a plan. Go check out how to succeed where others have failed. Why do the opposite of what you think you should do by visiting how to win a girl back.