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How To Write Expository Essays

Expository essay is based on concrete evidence, facts and figure, unlike exploratory essays which totally relies on the theoretical research work. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the students to cope up with the difficulties of writing expository essays. This is why; we have decided to provide 8 step solutions for writing expository essay.

First step: How to select the expository essay topic?

For this, you will have to brainstorm for crafting expository essay topics, take a pen and paper and write down whatever comes to your mind then eliminate the ones which don’t look suitable for an expository subject. Your expository essay writing topic could be something like this:

1- Explain the impacts of music on one’s life?
2- Explain what the temptation for smoking is?

Second step: How to write the thesis statement?

You have to be very careful while writing the thesis statement of expository essays because you have to define the main theme of the essay in just one or two lines and that’s a challenge of course, the thesis statement for your expository essays could be something like this:

The student’s life in college or universities is mostly spent in the company of friends and peers.

Third step: How to write the methodology?

There are several mythologies that could be utilized in expository essays, for example; definition, compare and contrast, cause and effect, process analysis etc. Remember, that you know what type of methodology would be suitable for the nature of the topic for expository essays.

Fourth step: How to decide the organization pattern of the writing expository essays?

The organizational pattern also depends on the nature of the topic you are dealing with, you can also ask your teacher what kind of pattern would be suitable here because some of the colleges and universities have their own standards of writing essays.

Fifth step: how to decide the topic sentence?

The body is usually divided into several paragraphs and each paragraph starts with a topic sentence. Make sure, whatever the topic sentence you are using it is supporting the topic and the thesis statement of the expository essays.

Sixth step: How to write the introductory paragraph?

An ideal introductory paragraph would be stating the thesis statement, the outline of the upcoming essay and some background of the topic. It is crucial that you make it as interesting as possible so that you can easily grab the attention of the readers.

Seventh step: How to write the conclusion?

The conclusion should be an excellent wrap up of the whole essay; you should use the following three components to write a perfect conclusion.

1- Mentioning the thesis statement again
2- Mentioning the final results
3- Ending the essay with a final statement

Hence, you must follow the above told seven steps for writing an expository essay so that you could gain good grades easily. Final words of advice are to check for the authenticity of the facts and figures that you are incorporating in the expository essays because there is much unauthentic information rolling out over the internet.

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