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Hypotension – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Hypotension is the name given to low blood pressure. The victim of this condition has a blood pressure lower than 90/60 mmHG.

Sometimes shock can also cause such a low pressure. So the patients should try to refrain from being a part of scary circumstances. Even consuming water and adding more salt to the diet can be beneficial. However, one should talk to a doctor about the same. Patients should also recognize their own conditions of a decreased pressure so that they can avoid seizures. It’s better to relax and place the head amid knees to increase blood pressure.

A person feels quite lightheaded most of the times due to this ailment. One should get check up from a doctor due to this dizziness. It is because low blood pressure can also cause fainting. This hypotension is also companied with other features like a lack of breath, pain in the chest and hardness in the neck. It can also produce headaches and a running fever of more than 101 degrees Celsius.

Now, there can be many causes of low pressure. It can occur due to changes in the hormonal balance of a person along with an expansion of the blood vessels. Even side effects of a certain medication can also produce such pressure. A person who is suffering from anemia can also get hypotension. This can cause blood loss, which is produced due to inadequate intake of fluids.

Weak pressure causes can be due to hormonal changes, widening of blood vessels, medicine side effects, heart & endocrine problems. So, if you have been starving yourself for a long time, you are likely to get this disease as it reduces blood pressure. Sometimes, a high utilization of diuretics can also cause a low volume of blood resulting in low pressure. Sometimes, a low performance of heart can also cause such blood pressure. Such blood pressure can also cause a cardiac shock. Even use of beta lockers can produce such hypotension because they reduce the heart rate.

So, this condition can be cured by the doctors using an integrated network of hormones, nerves and receptors. This can reduce the impact of the nervous system and increase the blood pressure. Such network of hormones, nerves and receptors is called an autonomic nervous system. It can allow the individuals to maintain a normal blood pressure during many diseases and activities which can cause it to dip down. One can cure the symptoms of this disease by indulging in activities like consuming a lot of water and reducing any intake of alcohol. One can also introduce some changes in the diet like eating smaller carbohydrate meals so that hypotension does not arise. You can also think about wearing high compression stockings so that your legs don’t swell due to such reduced blood pressure. But, consult a doctor before using such stockings. He can prescribe them for you.

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