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Illegal Mexican Aliens Either Need to Assimilate Into Our American Culture or Return Home

Copyright © 2010 Ed Bagley

I have had it with the illegal Mexican aliens.

I am not interested in having my taxpayer money subsidize any support programs for these foreigners who refuse to identify themselves, and refuse to go though the process of becoming an American citizen pursuant to our immigration laws and policies.

Illegal Mexican aliens in the United States need to learn and use the English language when working and conducting their business here. They need to obey our laws and follow our traditions and culture. They need to leave Mexico behind and pledge their allegiance and loyalty to America as an American citizen.

As an American citizen, I would expect no less of them and insist on their compliance. This is exactly what my relatives did when they immigrated to the United States of America.

The idea of teaching illegal Mexican aliens by using only Spanish in our schools because they cannot or will not speak English is absolutely ridiculous; this is enabling them to be cripples; it is no different than giving an alcoholic liquor so he or she can continue to remain an alcoholic.

Mexicans that I have known, hired and worked with are by nature good, honest workers and I would be pleased and proud to have them working with me.

They could continue that way, but it most certainly will not happen if we lower our expectations of them, seek to do everything we can to curry their favor, grant them special privileges that other American citizens do not enjoy, and help them so much they become helpless.

We need to require them to assimilate into our culture or send them back from whence they came.

To do that we need to lock down our borders, identify every illegal alien in this country, and give them the opportunity to go through the process of becoming an American citizen. Those who refuse after a reasonable amount of time should be deported and not allowed back into the United States without proper authorization.

Do not even bother giving me that lame argument that we cannot stop illegal Mexican aliens from coming across the border. We can stop the flow in a heartbeat by simply changing our policy to jail anyone coming across the border at a non-designated area. If you get damn serious with some serious consequences, the flow of illegals will become a trickle.

Do not even bother giving me that lame argument that we cannot identify them. If we can put a man on the moon, and track down contaminated meat to an infested animal from the very farm, barn and stall it came from, we can most certainly identify and deport aliens on cue.

Most Americans do not know that almost every President we have had up until George H. W. Bush (Bush 1) deported our illegal aliens after every major war to create jobs for the returning veterans. Do not tell me it cannot be done; it has been done by several Presidents.

Do not tell me it is an invasion of their privacy when a driver who is caught in a traffic violation by a police officer cannot produce a driver’s license, proof of insurance, a passport or some other form of proper identification when asked for it. That is absurd.

Illegal aliens do not have any rights worth talking about, and it is not only foolish but dangerous to tolerate them. Just ask anyone who has had a family member killed, maimed or raped by an illegal alien, and that includes Mexican immigrants who have become U. S. citizens and suffered the same misfortune.

Exactly how do you think police officers and law enforcement officials can enforce the law if they do not know who they are dealing with?

We already have a federal law that says a police officer can ask anyone for proper identification at any time for any reason whatsoever. The current screaming over the new Arizona law to help control their immigration problem is no more or less the existing federal law that our current administration, just like every other administration before it, refuses to enforce on purpose.

Just so you better understand my position, I do not hold the illegal Mexican aliens ultimately responsible for their predicament. They are being allowed to work here. By doing so they are breaking our immigration law, and the authorities in their jurisdiction, as in virtually every other location, are allowing their presence and allowing the businesses to employ them.

I hold our self-centered, self-absorbed politicians in Congress responsible for the illegal Mexican alien crisis. They look the other way and do not act because of their own self-aggrandizement.

A lot of stakeholders in this illegal alien crisis gain by its continued existence—the illegals who want to work, the businesses who hire them and pay lower wages, the politicians who receive campaign contributions from the businesses, the local and national politicians who want more votes and want to get elected, and the industries that profit from a cheaper labor force.

This charade continues because it helps politicians get re-elected, and to fill their campaign treasury with money. It is a disgusting, degrading and dangerous situation as the citizens of Arizona have come to realize. That is why the elected officials in Arizona decided to protect themselves, because the U. S. government will not protect them.

It is easy to ask just how much liberals or conservatives really care about illegal Mexican aliens. Both liberals and conservatives talk a lot about being concerned, but they do not really seem to mind if the illegal Mexican aliens are overworked, underpaid and illegal.

Listen very carefully when a politician talks, and then watch even more carefully what he or she does. What a politician does is who they are, not what they say.

When Mexican students at a high school can rip down an American flag and hoist up a Mexican flag in its place, and the powers to be do nothing out of support or fear, we are sadly becoming a nation of weaklings who would rather cater to immigrants than make them become Americans if they are going to stay here legally.

What is a matter with us? Have we no sense of unity? We have encouraged diversity to the point of polarization among our population rather than stressing unity as one America occupied by Americans.

Exactly when did we become so accommodating and tolerant that we encourage Americans to run around proclaiming their hyphenated citizenship rather than becoming a committed American?

I do not have a single relative that immigrated to this great country who felt they had to run around identifying themselves as German-American, Irish-American or English-American. After going through the legally-accepted citizenship process, they became Americans and identified themselves as simply Americans.

In other words, they assimilated into the American culture with American values, ethics and mores. Now some of us have lowered our expectations of immigrants, and encouraged special populations, minority groups and special interest groups to separate themselves out from others as if they cannot assimilate into our culture and get ahead in life.

Despite the odds, every one of my immigrant ancestors survived. Every one of them learned the English language. Sooner or later they found jobs. They paid their taxes. They found a place to worship. They found a home to buy. They set in roots. And, when our country was in harm’s way, they went to war to protect themselves, their families and their fellow Americans.

I did not put my life on the line and protect this country to put up with the crap I am seeing and feeling now. I am not accepting of illegals who feel they are too damn good or special to become Americans—they, and their religion, culture and whatever else are not bigger or better than this country I call America.

And they are certainly no better or worse than I am, but if they are going to be in America, they had better be legal and they had better assimilate into our culture without any special treatment for their condition than any other immigrant when they arrived. It is not a right to be an American just because you happen to be an immigrant, it is rather a privilege for those who can accept the challenge. All others need not apply.

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