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Imagination Is More Powerful Than Knowledge

Right from the beginning, renowned physicist Albert Einstein believed in the power of imagination; of being able to visualize. Research done over the years has shown that remarkably, the human brain retains thrice the amount of details which are seen than those which are simply read. Having a topic presented to us in the form of diagrams, charts or video presentations, enables us to see how it can be applied in different scenarios. We at advocate the power of visualization for learning and especially for IIT JEE preparation. We believe that being able to visualize is the greatest capability of the human mind.

Seeing how things actually happen allows you to imagine and understand more easily. This is very important and highly effective for students who are preparing for IIT JEE, AIEEE and other entrance exams.

Currently, for the IIT JEE, students not only have to master the concepts, but also have to improve the speed at which questions are answered. This will help to maximize the number of questions in the limited exam time. This is highly possible if you are adept at visualizing the problems posed, thus reducing the amount of time taken to understand the questions. And if you are able to visualize the situation, you may be able to solve it even without writing equations and formulas.

It has been established that people can be categorized into 2 groups i.e. Visual-spatial learners and Auditory-sequential learner. Visual-spatial learners are individuals who think in pictures rather than in words. They have a different brain organization than auditory-sequential learners. They learn better visually than auditorally. You can review the following article to see how different people are different type of learners.

Our course, Visual Physics I has been created with the sole purpose of enabling you to SEE the concepts and the different situations they are applied in, rather than just accepting the equations and formulas as you have studied them. The illustrative representation in this online animated Physics course challenges the boundaries of traditional blackboard learning and brings forth a new regime of education. This course has been modeled based on the success of visualization, and is guaranteed to improve your learning process.

This is the first online IIT JEE coaching in India which emphasis and utilizes the human mind’s power of visualization. Physics can now be a subject you can effortlessly handle!

Gaurav Bansal is IITan and experienced career consultant and also worked for one of recognized Software Company. He is also helping student to get success in ISSET , IIT JEE and AIEE competition .