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Imitation Diamonds – Perfect For All Kinds Of Rings

Imitation diamonds make it possible for you to have exquisite rings for a lot less money than real diamond rings will cost you. Moissanite is the perfect choice when you are looking for imitation diamonds that do not look fake. Rings containing moissanite look just like real diamond rings and have more fire and brilliance to them.

In order to tell the difference between imitation diamonds and the real thing, you would have to bring the rings to a jeweller. It is only through a high powered microscope that the jeweller will be able to distinguish moissanite rings from those containing real diamonds. You cannot tell the difference just by looking at the ring. This means you can have more rings than ever in your armoire and everyone will think you are rich.

Cubic zirconia is another of the imitation diamonds you can use in rings. It is widely used because of the cheaper price. However, the physical properties of this imitation are not the same as a diamond when it comes to hardness and refractive ability. If you want a stone that more closely resembles a diamond, the best choice is a moissanite ring. The moissanite stone is almost as hard as a diamond and looks beautiful when set in gold, silver or platinum.

If you are unsure which of the imitation diamonds to choose, you should look at both of them and compare their characteristics. Compare both moissanite rings and diamond rings side by side to see whether or not you can tell any difference between the two with your naked eye. You should also have a ring containing a cubic zirconia diamond, so you get the full picture when dealing with imitations. One thing you have to look at is the setting of the imitation you choose. This fact will make or break the overall look of the ring.

You can have imitation diamonds in the same types of settings as you would have with a real diamond ring. By using an imitation, such as in a moissanite ring, you can have a larger stone or several stones in a chanel setting. Choose a high grade metal, such as 14k gold or platinum to show off the imitation diamonds to their best advantage. You will feel like royalty when you have one of these moissanite rings on your finger and will enjoy the admiration of others.

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