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Immune System Enhancement With Transfer Factor Plus

Boosting the immune system is easily done with transfer factor plus. Information is carried from one immune cell to the next through transfer factors which are a natural part of the immune system. Nanofactors and transfer factors naturally increase and support the immune system with transfer factor plus.

The first milk a mother produces for her baby, called colostrum, has naturally occurring transfer factors. Colostrum is a specialized milk that brings many important things to the newborn infant, and one of those things is the immune protections of the mother. The baby’s immune system learns how to recognize and react to potential dangers to its immature immune system through the knowledge contained in the transfer factors.

Transfer factor plus is designed to increase the immune system from cow’s milk and egg transfer factors. Using transfer factors from other mammals is possible because there is no allergic response to transfer factors, therefore they can come from any mammal. The transfer factors contain the immunological information of the animal from which they come. Amazingly, because these animals generally live outside, they have very sturdy immune systems. There is a significant increase to the human immune system when transfer factors from these animals is utilized. To significantly fine tune the information included in the transfer factors, the nanofactors are provided in transfer factor plus because they regulate and control the information the transfer factors include.

As a matter of fact, transfer factor plus has been demonstrated to increase the immune system’s natural killer cell function by up to 473 percent. This represents a very large increase. To significantly increase the immune system, supplemental ingredients like maitake mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, cordyceps, and betagluten are also included. As a whole, these ingredients work with the transfer factor and nanofactors to really increase the immune system.

Colostrum is the natural substance that uses transfer factor to give the immunological information from a mother to her new baby. The amount of information in the colcostrum is truly amazing and it teaches the infant’s immune system about potential dangers that the mother has encountered before and how to deal with the threats. Just like newborns, there is a way to acquire transfer factors, through egg yolk and cow’s milk. The cow’s milk and egg yolk can provide significant immunity information and increases with the use of nanofactors and transfer factors. This is accomplished not through a vitamin or other dietary supplement, and the results are amazing.

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