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Important and essential requirements for living in Mexico

There are many benefits for living in Mexico. Firstly, Mexico has warm and mild weather. The topography of Mexico is beautiful and it includes white sand beaches, deserts and spectacular mountains. Cost of living in Mexico is lower as compared to other countries like United States of America, Europe and Canada. Moreover, person can easily purchase or rent home in Mexico at cheaper rates. In additionally, utilities and groceries facilities are available at cheaper rates. Moreover, health care facility in Mexico is very cheap as compared to other countries. There are various types of visas are available for immigration such as FM2 and FM3.

If person planning for living in Mexico then person should aware different requirements and legal documents for immigration to Mexico. The most important visa for living in Mexico is FM tourist visa. If person wants to rent a home or condo in Mexico then person should apply for FM-T visa. This type of visa is a tourist visa and tourist can use this visa for six months. Another important and necessary visa for living in Mexico is FM3 visa.

There are various types of FM3 s are available for immigration in Mexico. FM3 visa is also known as non-immigrant visa and it is considered to be most common Mexican visa for retired Americans. This special type of Mexican visa is best for those people who want to live in this beautiful Mexico for part time especially in winter season. For getting FM3 visa, it is very important for applicant to shoe his/her income. Last important visa for moving or immigration to Mexico is FM2 visa. If person wants to live in Mexico for permanent then person should apply for FM2 visa.

This type of visa is almost similar to resident alien visa. By getting this Mexican visa, person has same rights as Mexican citizen but person don’t have right to cast vote. Moreover, the qualification for getting FM2 visa is almost similar to the requirements of FM3.

Finally, we can say that these are considered to be important and essential requirements for living in Mexico. If any person wants to visit Mexico for temporary or permanent basis then person should know these important requirements. Now the question arises that why people prefer to get Mexico visa?

There are many reasons for applying Mexico visa such as warm climate, advance infrastructure, safety, affordability, buyer market, protection and medical care facilities. Because of these important facilities and reasons many people from all over the world wants to apply for different types of visas. Hence, we can say that before applying for Mexican visa it is very important and essential for every person and tourist to collect important information related to immigration process of Mexico.

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